Nancy Pelosi’s Climate Change Hypocrisy

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about how global climate change is going to kill us all. We hear it from Joe Biden, from our celebrities, and from every leftist who walks under the sun.

However, few are more obsessed than House Speaker and political relic Nancy Pelosi. She can’t talk for more than 30 seconds without crowing about climate change.

She says it’s going to destroy all of us. Pelosi even says we have to remake the economy. She says we have to vote for her if we want to stop it, but now news is emerging about just how hypocritical Pelosi is on climate change.

Pelosi the Hypocrite

An investigation has now revealed that Pelosi shelled out over half a million dollars on private jets to fly around the country over the past year and a half.

Even though she won’t stop talking about how we all have to change the way we live to survive, Pelosi hasn’t changed a thing!

She’s flying in high style, paying out big bucks to a private jet company called Advanced Aviation and another called Clay Lacy Aviation.

These fine folks do their job and fly Pelosi where she wants to go. However, they don’t come cheap, and between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021, she paid out over $500,000.

Pelosi could have flown commercially in first class, but Pelosi doesn’t want to rub shoulders with the peasants she pretends to care so much about. She’d rather sip wine in a fuel-guzzling luxury jet while she touches down to whine about the climate.

Let’s be clear: we all know these leftists like Pelosi and John Kerry are hypocrites. What’s notable here is just how much they’re spending on being hypocrites. It’s outrageous.

Pelosi’s Real Religion

Like many Democrats, Pelosi is technically a “Christian.” This basically means she uses the label, but gets to ignore all the rules and beliefs of Christianity about the value of life, the meaning of marriage, and so forth.

In fact, even Hillary and Bill Clinton are supposed “Christians,” so don’t make too much of it!

However, Pelosi’s real religion is climate change. She’s even said as much, noting that for her it’s a “religious thing.” She made the comments while heading up our political team at a big climate change powwow in Glasgow, UK late last year.

Nancy Pelosi declared we all have to look after “God’s creation” and has previously said fighting climate change is even more important than stopping genocide.

Welcome to the Club

Pelosi isn’t an outlier or unique.

Biden’s team spent more than $15 million in 2020 running for POTUS. These people are outrageous hypocrites who should all stop forcing themselves into our private lives.