Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down on the Great Reset

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress so long she’s practically part of the decorations. She’s benefited from all the establishment political corruption and made piles of money.

Her husband Paul was even caught recently insider trading on information she obviously passed along to him. As you can predict, he faced zero consequences.

That’s what makes it all the more ironic that Pelosi is now whining about how evil capitalism is; this comes in a new statement from her about the shortcomings of the free market.

Pelosi Goes on America-Bashing Tour in Europe

As part of a speech in London, England, Pelosi went on a variety of rants about how the GOP is a “cult.” Pelosi also said capitalism hasn’t “served” the US economy “as well as it should.”

This is an nteresting statement. It seems to have served Pelosi pretty well. Furthermore, the system America has is increasingly not capitalism at all.

It’s big business socialism where our elites weight everything in their favor and block access to opportunities and new ventures by the working class.

That’s the opposite of capitalism. It’s more like feudalism. Capitalism provides opportunities; monopolistic Democrat donor capitalism provides slavery.

Yet, in her speech about how she wants to “improve” our capitalist system, Pelosi, of course, got lots of appreciation.

She called for a “stakeholder” version of capitalism, which is right in line with what the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other globalists want, of course.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is an idea developed by globalists like Klaus Schwab of the WEF. It basically says as technology improves, we need to create a new one-world high-tech system to keep track of everyone and “improve” their lives.

This includes so-called “stakeholder” versions of capitalism where people basically rent things instead of owning them and are controlled by the government.

The supposed reason for this new “fairer” version of capitalism is to make sure everyone’s life is more equal.

The real reason, obviously, is to give giant liberal fascist governments all the power and prevent people from amassing private wealth, self-protection, or property.

The Biden Regime Embraces the Great Reset

With his Great Reset propaganda terms like “Build Back Better” and constant statements about how it’s “not fair” that rich people don’t pay enough taxes, Joe Biden is a big cheerleader of the Great Reset.

Nancy Pelosi is just spreading that message further with her speech in London and her other similar statements in the past. The idea is simple: elites like Biden and Pelosi get to keep all their wealth and you get to give yours away.

They also want your guns, your rights, your property and your heart and soul under their full control. Are you going to give it to them?