Multiple States Getting Rebates to Counter Rising Costs

Across the United States, costs are continuing to go up. Inflation means that everything from food to basic toiletries is becoming more expensive. Meanwhile, the wages Americans earn at their jobs are not keeping up with inflation.

The biggest factor in costs soaring like this has to do with the Biden administration. This is an administration that has repeatedly spent money, even when it was advised against doing so.

Many of the spending bills approved by this White House were billed as measures designed to help the economy. Though they wound up doing the exact opposite.

Now, in the wake of skyrocketing costs, multiple states across the nation are now receiving rebates, according to The Sun.

What to Know About Rebate Handouts

The American Rescue Plan that passed, thanks to the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers, is responsible for the rebates going out.

Despite the name of this spending measure, the American Rescue Plan has been widely acknowledged as a driving factor behind today’s inflation disaster.

The cash is going out in states like Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Of course, the requirements for obtaining these rebates vary, depending on where someone lives.

For instance, some states are giving the rebates to homeowners and renters, whereas others are just handing them out to residents. In Massachusetts, any extra funds left over will be distributed to state residents following the balancing of the budget.

These rebate handouts also follow stimulus checks that were previously given to Americans under the Trump and Biden administrations.

No Free Lunches

Similarly to the stimulus checks, many Americans have warned that rebates are not simply free money.

The Biden administration has also been criticized for throwing money at the problem of economic hardship, rather than changing the policies that are creating this hardship, to begin with.

With the interest rate rapidly rising, the value of the US dollar is sinking. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has not provided a timeline for when it plans to stop moving up interest rates.

According to the central bank, interest rate increases are critical in order to stop inflation. However, economists have been warning for months now that the Federal Reserve could do significant damage to the economy by continuously hiking up interest rates.

Many Americans are hopeful that with Republicans set to take back the House majority in Congress, this will prevent the Biden administration from doing further damage to the economy.

What do you think about the rebates that are going out across various states? Do you believe these handouts are going to do more harm than good in the long run? In the comments section down below, you’re more than welcome to sound off with your thoughts.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.