Mother Who Stood Up to Woke School Board Gets Home Invaded by FBI

Americans were outraged last month to hear the Attorney General and FBI were adding a new category to keep a watch on parents who protest at school board meetings.

As woke ideology and Critical Race Theory (CRT) spreads in schools, some parents are trying to make their voices heard. They want to let school boards know they won’t have their kids subjected to anti-American propaganda.

So, Biden’s FBI put them on a watchlist. However, they assured us all it was only about keeping everyone safe and wouldn’t be used in any bad ways. Now, the FBI has raided the home of a woman who protested at the local school board.

Meet Sherronna Bishop

Sheronna Bishop is a mom who homeschools her kids in Grand Junction, Colorado. She has four kids, three of whom are homeschooled, and one of whom attends the local high school.

The small town is located in the west of the state near the Utah border, but it hasn’t been spared the influence of CRT and woke leftism. Bishop is very concerned with the propaganda and lies infecting the nation and schools.

This is why she homeschools her younger kids. She’s been raising her voice against CRT at her local school board and online at She’s also been outspoken in her belief that Dominion Voting Systems was involved in fraud during the 2020 election.

She thought she was just exercising her First Amendment rights, but Biden apparently had different ideas. Therefore, Biden dispatched the FBI at 9:30 in the morning on Tuesday, Nov. 16 to smash down her door.

The agents swarmed in, pushed around her teenage daughter, and cuffed her to take her outside. They also cuffed her husband who was home at the time; although her teenage son who attends a local high school was not present at the time.

They then meticulously went through every inch of Bishop’s home to look for a way to get her in trouble.

No Charges Laid

No charges have been laid against Bishop and it’s unclear what she did to merit an FBI raid of her home. As far as the evidence that’s available, it looks like all she did was speak up against leftism and the Biden regime.

Is that now a crime in America? It would appear so. As Bishop herself said, this raid was clearly meant to “intimidate” her and those who did it will never be “accountable” for their illegal actions.

Instead, those who see what happened will mainly tell Bishop to be quiet and avoid further trouble. However, she doesn’t plan to do that. She plans to continue speaking up against CRT and Marxist propaganda in the schools.

Bishop also plans to make sure school boards stop being run by leftist stooges. She’s helped “flip” nine districts so far this year and get leftists out so CRT doesn’t keep infecting the kids’ minds.

The Bottom Line

Tyrannical communism and violent censorship have come to America. Keep yourself and your family safe.