Mother of Killed Marine Accuses Joe Biden of the Worst Crime Possible

Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum is an American hero. This 20-year-old young man gave his life serving our nation. He upheld the highest credo of the US Marine Corps: Semper Fi, always faithful.

He showed bravery in a horrible situation in Afghanistan and did his best to complete his mission. However, he wasn’t given orders that made sense.

He was left to clean up the mess of an incompetent and treasonous POTUS called Joe Biden. Now, McCollum’s mother is speaking out about Biden and the cowardly evil he inflicted on her son.

McCollum’s Mom Takes Biden Down

McCollum was killed earlier this week at the Kabul airport when a suspected ISIS-K militant detonated a suicide bomb next to the gate he was guarding. McCollum was tasked with securing the airport because Biden never got Americans and Afghan allies out of the country before extracting most of our troops.

McCollum’s mother Kathy called in to tear Biden a new one recently on a radio show; she called Biden a “dementia-ridden” and “feckless” piece of human excrement who left her son to perish overseas.

This is a mother in pain calling out the man who is responsible. Biden deserves every damn word she’s saying and more.

Hero’s Mom Destroys the Biden Regime

There is nobody who has more love for her child than a mother. Her words on this radio show are powerful because they’re so real. She had to be told her son was dead because of him being sent on a cleanup mission for a senile old man with no understanding of reality and no loyalty to America.

As Kathy McCollum said, everyone who voted for Biden killed her son. Enough is enough. Young Americans should never be sent as a backup for failed Democrat policies. Their lives are worth far more than that.

The Biden regime is being destroyed by the patriotism and love of women like Kathy McCollum and her love for her son.

Standing Up for Our Heroes

As Kathy McCollum says, her son should not have died just so Biden could “smirk” and talk about diplomacy. As she said, Biden needs to be booted out of office as soon as possible and is a “disgusting” man and traitor. She also called press secretary Jen Psaki a “b**ch.”

Those are just the facts, and you’ll get no argument on any of that from me. This administration is by far the absolute worst this country has ever had to endure.

Kathy McCollum’s words to every Democrat listener of the radio show about their responsibility for what happened are powerful. Democrats own this. The Democrat media owns this. Liberals are sending young heroes to die for their mistakes.

Once conservative patriots are back in charge, no Democrat should ever be let within five miles of the White House or Congress ever again.