Most Americans Condemn This Practice in K-12 Public Education

A new public opinion poll has discovered most adult Americans are against the practice of teachers bringing or discussing politics in classrooms of K-12 public education institutions.

This is largely espoused by Marxist-Communists promoting wokeness and transgenderism.

It’s Nearly 60-40

American public schools seem to be plagued more than ever by the imposition of a radical far-left agenda by communist teachers.

This is happening to unsuspecting, innocent students, as school board meetings nationwide over the past couple of years have been seeing outbursts by outraged parents.

Last year, Attorney General Merrick Garland even weaponized the FBI against concerned American parents protesting the mind-boggling march of the radical leftist agenda.

The results from a new national public opinion poll by Grinnell College now show that more than half – or 57% – of American voters consider it “not appropriate” for teachers in public schools to “talk about politics” to their students.

At the same time, 41% believe the opposite – that discussing politics in the classroom is appropriate and acceptable, Breitbart News reported.

The pollster asked the respondents whether they thought certain different professional categories should discuss politics. Public school teachers were the only ones for which most people said that was out of the question.

That’s Where Republicans and Suburban Women Agree

The other professional groups were public school students, clergy, lawful protesters, professional athletes, members of Congress, and college professors. Most voters thought those groups were entitled to talk politics on the job or as part of their respective activities.

The poll found that Republicans and pro-right Independents were particularly likely to be opposed to discussing politics in classrooms – with 68% of them against the leftist practice.

Other groups with greater than average opposition were suburban women – at 65%, Catholics – at 64%, and people with incomes over $100,000 per year – at 63%.

The Grinnell College survey was conducted nationwide by Selzer and Company.

According to J. Ann Selzer, the head of the polling firm, the opposition to teachers talking politics to their students is “the one place” in which the views of suburban women “align” with those of Republicans.