More Resignations From VP Kamala Harris’ Office

Vice President Kamala Harris is not a popular boss. Despite being the second-most powerful person in America, she just can’t stop her employees from quitting!

A string of high-profile resignations has rocked the VP’s office over the past year, including her chief representative Symone Sanders, her head of communications Ashley Etienne, and her deputy head of public affairs Vincent Evans.

Several other high-ups have also quit, saying they were just moving on to pursue other opportunities. What other opportunities beat working for the VP, other than working for POTUS?

Clearly, something is wrong, and the latest resignation from Harris’ office proves it without a doubt.

Harris’ Chief Speechwriter Quits

Kate Childs Graham is a far-left, rabidly pro-abortion woman who writes Harris’ speeches. Graham has now announced that she’s heading for the exit door at the end of February.

It’s not clear why Graham is leaving, but Harris claims to be “excited” to see what Graham does next.

Let’s be honest here: Harris has already left a trail of destruction behind her for her whole political career, making enemies the way the rest of us make our beds. She has a highly aggressive and virulent personality that often rubs people the wrong way.

At the same time, her speeches have come under particular focus in the past year for being wildly insane, including a recent speech where she compared the Capitol riots of January 6, 2021 to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The point is Harris may have had enough of Graham roleplaying her childish fantasies by channeling them through her speeches and asked her to step down. Maybe Graham went too far, even for Harris’ far-left sensibilities.

Then again, this could be another case of a staffer quitting because the atmosphere in Harris’ office is apparently radioactive.

Why is Staff Quitting?

In addition to the rough atmosphere and reports of Harris being a mean bully, staff are also apparently very angry about her getting all the toughest jobs in the Biden regime. They have also said she runs the office in a way that is destroying people’s “souls.”

Harris says it’s a hard job and it’s normal that people quit after a year or two in order to try their hand at something new. It’s not normal. Harris is obviously lying.

At the same time, maybe Graham can pick up a job writing speeches for BLM or move to Venezuela and write for their narco-terrorist regime, where she’ll fit in better with her anti-American hate.

The Bottom Line

The irony is Harris is more than extreme enough on her own, without having words put in her mouth by a young, neo-Marxist Democrat like Graham who went to a United Nations-run institution called the University for Peace.

How’s that “peace” working out for us? It’s created a massive betrayal of our troops and allies in Afghanistan and the world on the brink of war between Russia and Ukraine…