More Big Tech Censorship, This Time Against Popular Conservative Host Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is a popular conservative commentator on YouTube. He got well known for his hilarious skits where he satirizes cancel culture and the woke ideology.

Crowder’s had many issues with YouTube in the past for censoring him; yet, the latest crackdown from the leftist censors shows a whole new level of stupidity.

YouTube sent an email to Crowder at the end of September, telling him a video he made about the potential danger transgender men pose to biological women needs to be honestly addressed.

No More Uploads for Crowder

YouTube told Crowder he won’t be able to upload any videos for the next week and his account now has another mark against it.

If you get too many of those strikes, then you end up with a fully banned channel, like Alex Jones. YouTube threatened Crowder that more infringements of him being mean to transgender people will have even worse consequences.

What Did Crowder Actually Do?

All Crowder said in the episode that set off big tech censors was the true news story of woman who got pregnant in a California prison. She got pregnant after biological males who identified as women (“trans women”) were required by law to be housed in women’s jails.

It turns out gender isn’t just a construct; when you put the right body parts together, you can still end up with a baby. Crowder just pointed this out and did a funny skit as well. For his trouble, YouTube handed him the suspension.

YouTube Cuts Videos

YouTube also took down the supposedly offensive video Crowder made regarding the transgender impregnation. YouTube and Big Tech are famous for simply cutting down and censoring whatever they don’t like.

The truth is the woke insanity Crowder was talking about does matter. Moreover, it pertains directly to women’s rights. Radical left California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom had many people urge him not to put men in women’s jails.

However, Newsom wanted to be the LGBT hero and he did it anyway. Now, women are getting pregnant in jail. Go figure.

The fact is Crowder is right and what Crowder has to say matters. If we want to live in a society where important topics are covered up to spare hurt feelings, we’re going to end up with tyranny.

People like Biden and his big tech buddies always pretend to care about the feelings of minorities or those of a different identity in order to gain power. What they really want is the power, but they love to pretend they’re the good guys.

Well, news flash: good guys don’t silence people’s voices for saying things they don’t like. Big tech and the Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves.