Mom Sues Her Son’s School for Forcing Him to Take Racist Anti-White Course

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Teaching critical race theory in any federal government agencies was blocked earlier this year by President Trump.

Unfortunately this harmful, anti-American ideology is still being pushed on elementary, middle school, high school and university students across the nation.

One mother has had enough and is now suing her son’s Nevada school for trying to force him to learn and accept racist, anti-White theories in his class in order to pass.

What are the Details of the Lawsuit?

The lawsuit has been filed by Gabrielle Clark on behalf of her son William who attends Democracy Preparatory Academy charter school in Las Vegas. Clark is Black and her son is biracial.

The lawsuit says that William was forced to take a sociology class that teaches critical race theory and promotes the idea that White people are always racist on some level and that every White person has “White privilege.” As Clark’s lawsuit alleges, the class pushed “antiwhite racism” and did not allow different points of view.

William, who is in Grade 12, was allegedly forced to “make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities” which were then mocked and questioned in an “interrogation” by “students, teachers and school administrators.”

Mom Says Her Biracial Son Was Bullied by ‘Woke’ Anti-White Racists

According to Clark, her son William was not allowed to drop the class despite being uncomfortable with the way his identity as a biracial person and Christian was being criticized and publicly discussed in the course.

The Principal said that either William would complete the course as required or get a failing grade.

“You shouldn’t be able to do it at a school,” Clark said of the protected identities and personal information that her son was being forced to reveal. “It put a target on my son’s back. If somebody didn’t like what he had to say, then that would have put him in danger. And I think that was a grievous wrong,” she added.

The fact is that Clark’s son William was bullied by progressive racists. As Clark says:

“He was asked to answer the questions and then the teacher would then scrutinize and label whether or not his particular identities were under the category of oppressor or privileged or oppressed.”

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Schools Should Not be Places of Progressive Brainwashing

Clark’s lawsuit says that the treatment of her son at his charter school has caused her “severe mental and emotional stress” and that she is also genuinely worried that she will be punished or have the school take revenge on her in some way.

This has already happened, in fact, since William was suspended and has been “accused of being a racist” by the school, according to his mom.

Photos of the coursework that William was being forced to accept have also been shared and they are legitimately brainwashing material. They force students to accept the idea that all White people are “internally” racist oppressors and push the intersectional worldview of cultural Marxism.

The curriculum of the class was previously fairly normal but was changed without informing parents in order to sneakily brainwash the kids into the new progressive religion.

Clark says she hasn’t had a chance to talk to other parents of the school but encourages them to come forward as well. As she says:

“It didn’t just violate my son’s civil rights, they violated all the children’s civil rights by asking those questions.”

What is ‘Critical Race Theory’?

The short answer to “what is critical race theory?” is that it is a view of the world where White people are to blame for all its problems and inequality and prejudice are the reason for everything bad in life.

It is a childish point of view that is part of the “intersectional” worldview and original critical theory, which teach – essentially – that anything or anyone with power is evil and that criticizing and destroying the respect for power will lead to a fairer, better world.

Critical race theory, in other words, is a hate-filled ideology that combines anti-White racism with Marxism. It should not be getting taught anywhere in American schools.