Millions of Christians Under Direct Attack by Biden’s Department of Justice

There are around 15 million Southern Baptists in the United States. They choose to worship God and follow His Word by their conscience and are a non-violent religious denomination.

However, Joe Biden and his extremist Department of Justice (DOJ) don’t see it that way.

In fact, they are currently investigating the Southern Baptist denomination and trying to sully its name and bring it down. Here’s what’s happening…

Southern Baptist Sex Abuse?

The DOJ says it is looking into how the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) handled accusations of sex abuse in its church.

As millions of illegals stream across the borders and traffick young women and girls into lives of sex slavery, enabled by Biden’s weakness on border security, this politicized DOJ is concerned with going after the SBC.

In its response, the SBC said they do indeed deeply “lament” any and all failings on their part to investigate sex abuse claims fully. However, they noted their denomination is completely committed to rooting out and expelling any abusers in its ranks.

The reason this is coming up now is over 200 cases of accused sexual abuse were turned up by an independent investigatory organization in May within the Southern Baptist religion.

The review of how SBC handles sex abuse claims led to various recommendations including much stricter penalties of ex-communication for pastors and church workers who are found to have mistreated anyone.

However, several things were not agreed to by SBC voters. These included making a pool of money for those who had been abused and setting up a special group to monitor how the SBC is handling abuse claims.

So Why is the DOJ Investigating?

The DOJ says it is investigating how these abuse claims have been handled. There are 47,000 Southern Baptist churches in America; hundreds of abuse allegations are definitely troubling.

There is no doubt they need to be fully looked into, but at the same time, one can’t help but see some political fingerprints on this.

Southern Baptists tend to definitely lean conservative; this looks a bit like the DOJ trying to put extra pressure on one of the main pro-GOP religious denominations.

The SBC has shown it is willing to face up to the wrongdoing that was potentially found; this should definitely be taken seriously and investigated to the fullest.

Though the involvement of the DOJ is somewhat odd and a little bit confusing here.

What About Other Denominations?

If the SBC is going to come under such strong investigation, perhaps it’s time for a much more serious look at abuse allegations in other churches as well, including the Catholic Church.

This may not be politically convenient for Joe Biden and for the Latino vote, but it would make sense if the DOJ is suddenly so concerned about people’s wellbeing that it applies this concern equally among all religious denominations.