Microchip in Hand to Be Used to Prove COVID Vaccine Status

Every day, the COVID situation gets stranger. We have been lied to from the very start by world authorities about what the virus is and how to stop it.

We’ve also seen more and more bizarre laws passed around the world to restrict travel, freedom of association, medical choice, and basic rights.

This is all supposedly being done to stop the virus, except those of us with a brain have now noticed the obvious.

None of the fascist rules have done a single thing to stop the virus. Now, the latest anti-COVID measure has Christians shaking their heads.

Sweden Introduces Microchip COVID Vaccine Tracking System

The Swedish company Epicenter has a new microchip that can be put under your skin to store your important data.

One of the things this could be used for is to prove you’re vaccinated. The technology uses NFC (near-field communication) to transmit the data.

This is the same tech used to, for example, transfer info between cell phones that are next to each other.

It’s also what you use when you tap your credit card to pay, instead of inserting it in the card reader, for example.

The rice-sized piece of tech can be put under your skin and easily shown at checkpoints or other places, as well as scanned with a cell phone.

According to the mainstream media, this is a big step forward in making it easier to prove you’re vaccinated and harder to find a way to fake it.

For Christians, however, this is a troubling development, with some speculating it could be the Mark of the Beast, as spoken about in the Book of Revelation.

The New Normal?

As Epicenter’s leading spokesman Hannes Sjöblad explains, the implant can go in your arm or on your hand between the pointer finger and thumb. How convenient.

According to Sjöblad, the chips will only cost about $100 to put in; he and his employees had a lot of fun gathering at “transplant” festivals and putting their chips in.

Enjoying the apocalypse with a drink or two, sounds fun, right?

The idea of implanting microchips may impress Bill Gates and George Soros. Yet, for the rest of us normal folks, it sounds pretty close to something out of science fiction dystopia or the apocalypse.

The Bottom Line

They may be getting away with introducing a microchip and vaccine tracking in Europe, but this won’t fly in the land of the free.

There are still enough Americans who are willing to stand up for themselves and their families who won’t ever accept this kind of tyranny on our shores.

Technology may be getting out of control, but it doesn’t mean we need to bow down in front of it like a god. Take your microchip and shove it.