Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Viciously Targets Trump-Backed Challenger

Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a smart and well-connected woman. Any Republican who underestimates her has made an unfortunate error.

This lady is the head of a well-oiled, vicious Michigan Democratic machine that is expert at dismantling the reputations, funding, ground game, and unity of opponents.

They’re also the people who locked everyone in their houses for a couple of years under a false claim it would save lives from COVID.

If you want evidence of just how quickly Michigan Democrats can take something that works and run it into the ground, look at Detroit after unions ate up all its productive labor.

Look at how these unions prioritized a sycophantic donor relationship with the Democrats, instead of actual workers’ rights and competitiveness.

Now, Whitmer has turned her sights on the Trump-backed challenger for her governor’s seat: businesswoman, cancer survivor, and working mom Tudor Dixon.

Dixon Draws Whitmer’s Wrath

The Michigan primary is coming up tomorrow, but the attack ads against Dixon were already churning out from all the usual suspects before Trump even endorsed her. If she wasn’t a threat, then Whitmer and her allies wouldn’t bother.

They know that Dixon could win; they’re hitting her hard with a kind of psychological projection. In fact, the Democrat Governors Association (DGA)-supported group “Put Michigan First” has pumped $2 million into a campaign portraying Dixon as anti-police.

This may seem incredibly brazen coming from a party that was cheerleading “defunding the police” two years ago, but it’s exactly the new strategy, especially to regain the Rust Belt and middle America.

We can also see this in places like Ohio where Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan is basically portraying himself as a pro-Trump Democrat and trying to co-opt the America First message of JD Vance and the Trump movement.

In this case, the Michigan First ad alleges Dixon’s desired income tax cuts will lead to many Michigan cops losing their jobs. She’s both a heartless capitalist and an anti-police wingbat: pretty convenient, right?

Michigan First’s previous ad highlighted Whitmer’s supposed electoral integrity and how awful, corrupt, and stupid all her conservative competitors are, including calling Dixon a “low budget horror actress.”

Dixon Fights Back

Dixon said Michigan First’s new ad about her having to cut police funding by way of tax cuts is total “bull” and she would “never” even consider that happening.

She claimed Whitmer is scared of her and that’s why these ads are going so hard against her. There’s no doubt Dixon has a shot and the Trump endorsement will count big for her.

At the same time, she is facing resistance from the right, including conservative opponent Kevin Rinke, who claims Dixon is a never-Trump sellout who’s only pretending to be conservative.