Mexican President Accuses Biden of Doing Something Truly Awful

Andrés Manuel López Obrador by Eneas is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Amlo) is a fascinating guy.

He’s a left-wing populist who’s kept his country mostly open during the pandemic and who has refused to be just another progressive puppet. He doesn’t support the neoliberalism of President Joe Biden or the Democrats and has his own vision for how things should be.

Amlo is not a politically correct man. He calls it like he sees it and that’s part of why Mexicans elected him.

Now he’s calling out Biden’s border policies and making a very big accusation against the Biden Administration.

Think about the kind of situation we’re in in this country when it takes the President of Mexico to tell us the truth about our leader because our own media is too bought out and our own people are too scared and brainwashed to stand up to the progressive police state.

AMLO se afilia a MORENA en el Zócalo by Eneas is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What is Amlo Accusing Biden Of?

According to Amlo, the generous asylum policies of Biden are becoming a magnet for migrants and are helping human traffickers and cartels.

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States. We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next,” Amlo said.

Amlo is right.

The southern border is a damn mess right now. President Trump had things mostly under control and was working hard on the wall, but Biden’s amnesty and executive orders have opened the floodgates – during a global pandemic no less! – and given a golden opportunity to some of the worst and most despicable criminals on the planet: human traffickers who take advantage of desperate migrants.

Let’s not forget that human traffickers will help anyone for the right price, so they also assist horrible gangsters and criminals to cross the border as well.

So far in just the last few months between October and January, border patrol stopped 296,259 people, up almost 80 percent from the same time last year. Just this February there have been over 100,000 apprehensions at the southern border.

This is an absolute disaster.

Come One, Come All

Displaying his knack for the worst possible timing, Biden opened up the borders as much as possible once he got in office during an awful pandemic and economic crisis. Mexican officials say they saw a definite increase in cartels and criminal traffickers from the first day Biden got in office, and it’s obvious the reason why.

As the officials said:

“Migrants have become a commodity. But if a packet of drugs is lost in the sea, it’s gone. If migrants are lost, it’s human beings we’re talking about,” adding that Biden’s open borders will definitely “incentivize migration.”

And it’s not just Mexico either. Desperate migrants from many Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and more are streaming up the border to try to find a better life, often forced to pay back huge debts to criminal gangs who have assisted them.

Human traffickers are hardened criminals and they are not stupid. They post updates on the best places to cross in real-time on social media and do their best to get around border patrol. They also have many tricks up their sleeves for how to tell migrants to fake refugee claims or get more sympathy and asylum from US authorities.

At this point there needs to be an immediate and massive pushback against Biden’s open border policies. His virtue signaling crusade to carry water for the far-left of his anti-American political party needs to come to an end. If it takes the President of Mexico to be the one to also point that out then so be it.