Meghan McCain Finally Realizes Just How Bad Joe Biden Is

Like father, like daughter? As the daughter of the late Senator John McCain, Meghan McCain was one of those Never Trump conservatives who undermined our last president.

That’s part of why it’s more than just a little bit satisfying to see her come around and admit that Biden is worse than Trump. In a recent column for the Daily Mail, McCain admits that Biden is a complete trainwreck who doesn’t deserve anyone’s support.

In fact, McCain says Biden is actually even “worse” than failed President Jimmy Carter.

McCain Trashes Biden for Being a Divisive Fool

Although she maintains her belief that Trump worsened divisions in the US, McCain writes that “Scranton Joe” has done nothing but make it worse. Instead of bringing the country together or being more respectful of political and cultural differences in the country, Biden doubled down on progressive extremism.

While she says that Biden used to be a “friend” to her and her family, McCain says he’s now become a “feckless” president who is advised by “idiots” and undependable fools. Taking a quick peek at Kamala Harris, Tony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, and General Mark “White Rage” Milley, it’s certainly hard to dispute what McCain is saying here.

Biden’s COVID Failure

McCain also calls out Biden on COVID, saying he’s failed to stop the virus like he promised. McCain instead declared Biden is getting in the way of the country returning to normal.

It’s true that Biden treated the McCains well, particularly after John’s death; however, it seems that now Meghan is finally seeing what the rest of us saw all along. It’s embarrassing on her behalf that she supported Biden.

Yet, apparently, it’s easy to drink the Kool-Aid when the media tells you what you already want to believe. The point here is that Meghan McCain’s column is actually pretty brave.

Her mother, Cindy McCain, was a prominent Biden backer and is still lined up to represent our country at the UN. Will Biden scratch this nomination because of Meghan’s angry and upsetting column?

Democrats Going Downhill

McCain’s opinion shows how far downhill the Democrats are going. Despite having almost the whole media on their side and endless propaganda they can draw from on January 6, Democrats have managed to disgust much of the country.

Their complete failure in Afghanistan, ridiculous COVID rules, and endless failures have made even some liberals realize that Biden is not the miracle man they were promised.

Never Trump Republicans seem very hesitant to drop their support for Biden. Will McCain’s column be the first step in admitting reality or is this just a one-off?

We will have to see, but there’s no doubt the goodwill towards Biden is running out among many of his former supporters.