Meet the Black Rights Activist Who’s Been Abandoned By BLM

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement turned this country upside down in 2020, following the death of George Floyd.

Their support came from Americans of all ethnicities who believed BLM is standing up for black people and against police brutality.

They even took in over $66 million in donations, profiting from public anger over Floyd’s death and the media coverage surrounding it.

A closer look at the group’s beliefs shows they are specifically Marxist and want to end the nuclear family, gender binary, and capitalism.

Now, one black pastor by the name of Corey Brooks is pleading for money from BLM to help black Americans in Chicago’s South Side; he wants to build a new community center.

BLM Won’t Help

Brooks himself has taken up residence on top of a roof of a building.

He says he’s staying until he can crowdfund enough money to build a large community center. It’s slated to be on the other side of his church, but it’s not going to come cheap and has a price tag of $35 million.

It will be a resource center helping local young people find work, network, get job training, and have more opportunities than they otherwise would.

The South Side of Chicago has a lot of violence and poverty in the black community. Brooks wants to do his part to provide an alternative.

Brooks said he stays on the roof all the time, including sleeping there and doing calls by Zoom. He has a tent which he uses and has a large pail to go to the bathroom in.

He buys food from delivery or from local restaurants that donate to him in support of his cause.

This man of God reached out to BLM, asking if they can help him meet his goal. His calls and requests have gone unanswered.

As we’ve known for a long time, BLM has no interest in using its finances to help actual black people.

The Mission Continues

Brooks has been up on the roof for around six months now; he’s not coming down until he gets the funding. He points to the high unemployment rate, crime rate, and illiteracy rate in his community.

Brooks has already done a lot to help his community, including helping youths find jobs and transforming areas into more livable situations with over 160 jobs from youth who did job training through his church.

He hopes his center can do a lot more, including providing construction jobs for gang members.

Brooks said he’s disappointed about BLM and how they have made money from “black pain” without truly giving anything back.

The only time Brooks left was for three weeks to visit his mom while she was dying of cancer in Indiana. Then, he climbed right back up onto the roof.

His fund at Project HOOD is continuing to collect donations to build the community center.