McConnell Bows Down to Biden Over Infrastructure Bill

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is an establishment Republican and a sell-out. President Trump called him out at the end of his term, and any conservative who wants to actually get things done eventually comes up against McConnell.

McConnell isn’t just bought off by corporate money; he’s also friends with President Biden. He recently helped the Senate push through Biden’s massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending bill and said that Biden did a good job with it.

More support for more Democrat spending from a guy who’s supposed to be Republican. Sounds like par for the course.

So Much for Putting the Brakes on Biden

McConnell has claimed that his primary goal is to stop Biden’s policies. Yet, he offered kind words to the president on the infrastructure bill, saying Biden deserves major “credit” for bringing everyone to the table.

The infrastructure bill diverts large amounts of money to rebuild our bridges, canals, roads and more. It also improves bus service, puts in electric car stations and improves internet access across the nation.

Biden has said that GOP members who also backed the bill demonstrated significant “courage” and he appreciates them. VP Kamala Harris claims the bill is going to provide “millions” of jobs and make America more dominant in today’s fast-paced world.

McConnell’s Disloyal Hypocrisy

McConnell’s previous wrangling under Trump and criticism of infrastructure deals was clearly just him trying to make Trump look bad. Now that Biden is in, McConnell is all for major spending and electric car stations!

The bill now moves to the House to be passed, but McConnell has probably done a little to stop the Democrats from cutting out the 60-vote filibuster.

The 60-vote filibuster lets senators speak for as long as they want to delay a bill until 60 out of 100 vote to shut down proceedings and the bill gets thrown out. Democrats blame it for political gridlock.

McConnell now can claim the Senate works just fine, but he also waved off the accusations that he’s handed Democrats a freebie. McConnell says that unless people want him and the Senate to do “absolutely nothing,” then he has to do “popular” things like pass this bill.

What’s Next?

Now that the bill passed 69-30 and was boosted by 19 GOP members in the Senate, it’s on to the House. It will face a difficult time passing in the House, but those dozens of members who allied with McConnell know where their bread is buttered.

They criticize Biden on TV and then go into the Senate and vote to pass his agenda. McConnell has made it clear where his priorities lie.

They lie with enabling big government Democrat spending and doing what he can to support the Biden agenda while pretending to oppose it.

RINOs never change. I wonder if McConnell drives an electric car.