McCarthy’s ‘Betrayal’ Debt Ceiling Deal Already in Trouble with GOP Majority

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt ceiling-raising deal with President Joe “Far Left” Biden practically betrays the GOP’s demands to slash budget deficits.

It’s quickly run in trouble with many Republican members of the House of Representatives, as dozens have spoken out against it.

Deals Seem Like a Major Betrayal

The US government hit the borrowing limit threshold of $ 31.4 billion in January and risked a default as early as June 1, at least according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Meanwhile, the Republican majority in the House has been seeking at least a tiny bit of fiscal responsibility from Democrats.

Apparently, that has been to no avail, but many GOP figures are enraged at no other than House Speaker McCarthy. This is over him accepting a deal that practically gave the Democrats and Sleepy Joe all of what they wanted.

Weeks ago, the House GOP majority passed a debt ceiling bill providing for trillions of dollars in budget deficit cuts over the next 10 years in exchange for a $1.5 trillion borrowing limit hike.

What McCarthy came back with from the White House as a debt ceiling deal stipulates nothing of the sort.

The Speaker agreed to only a two-year deal to keep federal spending the same for 2024, except for defense and veteran expenditures. This will cap spending hikes at 1% for 2025.

After that, the issue will fall into the hands of whoever gets elected president in 2025, as per McCarthy’s deal.

GOP Legislators Trash the Deal

Dozens of Republican politicians have spoken against the agreement, arguing it contains no deficit cuts whatsoever, keeping the current lavish levels of spending and allowing notable increases.

At least eight House Republicans declared they would vote against the deal, while four others publicly criticized it, The Gateway Pundit reports.

Yet, even as momentum against it is building up, it will most likely be passed with the votes of some House Republicans and all House Democrats.

Representatives Roy, Good, Boebert, Norman, Biggs, Buck, Bishop, and Rosedale have been quick to declare they wouldn’t support McCarthy’s “betrayal.”

The report emphasizes how the deal keeps in place the Democratic expansion of the IRS, leaving “patriotic Americans screwed.”

They will not only pay more in taxes, but will also be subjected to “brutal police state tactics” by the leftist-dominated government.

McCarthy said he wasn’t worried about being toppled from the House Speaker position. He claimed 95% of House Republicans would back his deal with Biden.