Marjorie Taylor Greene Smeared as Nazi by Twitter Campaign

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The left’s resolve to brand anything they disagree with as Nazi behavior is astounding. They didn’t fail to deliver when it comes to Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was branded a Nazi right after a “controversial” piece on progressives in the US.

Marjorie was one of the few brave enough to point out the social media disparity between the two political groups, outlining how the left is a bit too keen to brand everyone a Nazi/

This, oddly enough, happened to her right after.

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Has the definition of “Nazi” changed in recent years?

Soon thereafter, the #MarjorieNaziGreene hashtag was floating around all of Twitter, gaining more than 9k retweets of the hashtag within a couple of hours.

The trend was started by none other than “progressive” writer Tara Dublin, a professional nobody.

Despite the attack on her image, Greene remained calm, after which the rest of the “woke” mob joined in, claiming her to be down with The Fuhrer. The rest of the snowflake lefties practically just jumped on the bandwagon in hopes of some free internet clout.

Others claimed her to be repeating Nazi Germany’s agendas and even attacking just about anyone who dares to disagree; albeit those are few and far between, given the world’s current economic situation.

Ever since the original tweet, Tara Dublin kept posting a series of memes related to Taylor-Greene, with some tweet replies still coming in.

Although given her age, much of this is extremely likely to shift the focus away from Marjorie Taylor Greene and onto the unsuspecting left-leaning crowd.

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The writer also spared no insult when referring to Taylor-Greene, calling her a “Nazi Gun Groomer Pedo Supporter,” which is categorically incorrect, even for Twitter.

It soon led to the creation of dozens of other cringe-inducing names.

Unfortunately for the left-leaning crowd, a quick Google search can make their efforts look like nothing more than virtue signaling, a skill they’ve grown increasingly good at harnessing.

If anything, it’s safe to say this absurd narrative only ever works on people who already believe in at least a portion of what you’re claiming, meaning Dublin is entertaining no one but herself.

In fact, calling everyone a Nazi has already become so old that even some “progressives” are calling for the term to be sanctioned.

This, of course, arrived much to the dismay of the radical left crowd that’s been using it as a weapon all this time.

At this point, the left is using “Nazis” as a simple device to score meaningless political points. In the end, who are we to stop these organizations from pushing away what little support they may have left?

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.