Man Goes Crazy at Applebees After Being Asked for Proof of Vaccination

Everyone in America is sick of hearing about COVID. They’re also tired of arguing about vaccines and talking about lockdowns, mandates, masks, and social distancing.

Let’s be honest; these are words that most of us hope we never have to hear again, and sometimes just hearing about them can put you in a bad mood.

However, for one man in Bellevue, Washington, his anger over being asked for proof of vaccination went to the next level and prompted a violent attack.

Here’s what happened.

Anti-vax Attack at Applebees

Michael Dousa is a 58-year-old man who went to Applebees in Bellevue to have a bite to eat. Restaurant staff asked him to show proof of his COVID vaccination in order to eat there, but Dousa wasn’t having it.

They told him if he didn’t show evidence of vaccine status, he would have to leave. Dousa was enraged and began shouting about the issue. The bartender told him to calm down and leave the premises, which just made Dousa even angrier.

By now, he was outside the restaurant entrance as he continued to shout at the bartender. Dousa then reportedly took out a meat cleaver and tried to run back inside to attack the staff member.

The bartender shut the door rapidly before Dousa could get in and try out the meat cleaver on him. Dousa was arrested soon after and charged with assault for his attempted meat cleaver attack.

He has a record of shoplifting and criminal harassment and is being held on $75,000 bail. There won’t be any low bail for this guy, courtesy of Washington Democrats.

Part of a Pattern

Dousa isn’t the first person to go psychotic over COVID restrictions in Bellevue. Several weeks ago, a woman by the name of Angela Nommensen went to a gas station and became very angry at the requirement to wear a mask when she went inside.

The clerk told her to leave the interior of the gas station and made her leave, when Nommensen then took out a handgun and pointed it at him.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident, and it didn’t end in rounds being fired, but Nommensen is also facing charges.

Authorities say they are seeing a pattern in these kinds of incidents; people appear to have simply reached the end of their rope and become violent over COVID restriction-related issues.

The Bottom Line

As I said, Americans are sick and tired of hearing about COVID, vaccines, mask mandates, and every other thing we’ve been flooded with during this pandemic.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t at all excuse violence or criminal acts in response to the restrictions. Lashing out in this way just tars all skeptics and liberty lovers unfairly and makes it easier for the media to call us fanatics.