Major Tragedy in Texas Takes a Dark Turn

Illegal immigration has increased and worsened with the Biden administration calling the shots. This White House continuously refuses to address southern border problems, even after Biden rolled back previous immigration reforms that were working well.

As a result of this, governors of border states are having to do what they can to keep this issue from spiraling out of control. Nevertheless, immigration falls under the purview of the federal government and states currently trying to take this on are repeatedly overwhelmed.

Now, it’s just come to light that illegal immigration played a role in a recent tragedy out of Texas, according to the Daily Wire.

A Preventable Nightmare

In San Jacinto County, Texas, five individuals living in the neighborhood were killed by a man who currently remains at large. However, the community’s police department has since revealed that this man they’re seeking is none other than Francisco Oropesa.

Oropesa is not only an illegal immigrant from Mexico, but prior to the five murders he committed in Texas, he was also deported on three separate occasions.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if America’s immigration laws were being properly enforced, Oropesa would not have been able to repeatedly make his way back into the United States.

The FBI has also confirmed that the investigation into Oropesa and his crimes remains very much ongoing.

More Indifference From the Biden Administration

As Texas deals with the fallout of this ongoing case, the Biden administration is still not providing an honest account of illegal immigration.

Just earlier this week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre falsely declared that a 90% dip in illegal immigration has taken place. This statement is at such odds with reality that Biden’s top press aide was immediately called out for it.

Meanwhile, there’s no word from the Biden administration regarding the lives lost in San Jacinto County, Texas.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.