Major Milestone Has Been Reached for Pro-Life Cause

Today marks a major milestone in the fight to protect innocent life in America. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) handed down a landmark ruling that supports a new pro-life Texas “heartbeat” law.

The new Texas law makes abortion illegal after six weeks; it also allows lawsuits to proceed against anyone who participates or aids in doing an abortion after six weeks. This would include someone who drives the patient to an abortion clinic, for example.

This new law opens the way for a full assault on Roe v. Wade and its murderous disregard for unborn life. SCOTUS upholding the Texas law is a huge step forward for life and liberty.

Pro-Life Tidal Wave

Red and purple states across our country have been moving in a pro-life direction. While blue states embrace an “anything goes” mentality, make crime legal and impose endless lockdowns, red states have been opting for freedom.

That means law and order to ensure the streets are safe, keeping the economy open, and protecting unborn life. Mississippi is one example; the state has banned abortion after 15 weeks. This is a full contradiction of Roe v. Wade and SCOTUS will be assessing the MS law in the next couple of months.

Planned Parenthood has even said states like MS are “overturning” Roe v. Wade with laws such as a 15-week abortion ban. We can pray and hope that’s the case.

Planned Parenthood Flips Out as Texas Protects Life

Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson has been sounding off about attempts to protect life. After all, Planned Parenthood wants to keep its abortion mill going. It was exposed in the past several years for selling baby body parts by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

Johnson said Texas’ new law puts it back to “pre-Roe” and brings it backward half a century in terms of women’s rights. Texas is doing great work here; the state has even set up a reporting system so you can provide anonymous tips for those trying to get an abortion after six weeks.

Even before six weeks, every child with a heartbeat also can’t be terminated.

Clinics Under Watch

Texas abortion clinics are already being closely watched by pro-life groups to check if they are violating the new law. Pro-abortion groups, meanwhile, are already arranging to take people out of state to get abortions.

The flurry of appeals from Planned Parenthood and others reached their way to the Supreme Court, but as of now, that appeal has been overruled and the six-week ban is in.

So far, many states have been prevented from putting in six-week bans. As we watch Texas push ahead, this is great news for life. Expect other pro-life states to follow suit.