Los Angeles Overrun with Tranq Users Pacing the Streets like Zombies!

It’s not every day you hear that a zombie outbreak is happening right here in the US; it’s usually something relegated to B-rated horror films.

Unfortunately, this time it’s the city of LA. It’s been caused by a new drug on the market, known as tranq, which turns its users into rotting, walking corpses.

Drug reform is due

The city’s officials already launched a program to track down the source of the drug. This may prove to be more difficult than they’d imagined, seeing as it’s commonly used by veterinarians.

Tranq dope, as the users call it on the street, has become much more present in the city. It’s commonly cooked into a powdered form when it’s mixed with other drugs, like fentanyl and heroin.

The zombie nickname the drug has gotten comes from the fact that users are often turned into a state where their flesh begins to rot. They’re not aware of their surroundings, often stumbling into obstacles and attacking innocent bystanders.

Up until recently, the drug has been present on the streets of LA, but never in such high quantities. Officials are concerned it could turn into a national crisis very fast.

We’re at a precipice of yet another drug crisis

One addiction expert from LA, Cary Quashen, believes the US has never seen a drug crisis quite like this one.

Some tranq dope addicts even develop much more severe symptoms, to the point where they even need some of their limbs amputated to prevent the spread of the rot throughout their bodies.

That’s just the lucky few that actually make it out, though. The majority of the drug’s users eventually suffer a fate much worse than being turned into a zombie, that being death from overdose.

Similar to fentanyl, tranq dope overdoses are fairly common. The city’s EMTs have been working around the clock to save as many lives as possible.

The issue lies in the fact that xylazine isn’t technically an illegal substance, which is exactly why officials are having such a hard time tracking it down.

Because of this, it’s often not flagged when found in analyses of heroin or fentanyl in the city, which definitely helped its spread through Los Angeles.

That being said, the drug is extremely effective at disfiguring people and ruining lives forever, which is a feat that both fentanyl and heroin have been contributing to for decades.

When combined with these two, xylazine enhances the life-threatening effects of the aforementioned drugs, effectively ramping up the potential for an overdose.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.