‘Lori 2.0’: Chicago’s New Woke Mayor Goes Soft on Rioting Vandals

The Windy City simply can’t catch a break from woke Democrats’ attempts to ruin it.

Its new mayor-elect called for lenience towards unruly teenage thugs who have been rioting and vandalizing the downtown for nearly a week, with local police failing to stop them, despite calling in reinforcements.

Communist Labor Unionist for Mayor

Hundreds, if not thousands, of troubled youngsters staged a vandalism-charged “Teen Takeover” of the Loop in Chicago over the past weekend.

The violent riots on Saturday night saw the unresolved shooting of two teen boys aged 16 and 17. Hundreds of others were vandalizing private cars and city buses, smashing windows, and fighting in the streets, Fox News reported.

For the past years, Chicago was in the “dark ages” of all-out failure Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a degenerate wokeist who oversaw the collapse of public safety in one of America’s biggest cities.

Yet, with the new mayor-elect, Brandon Johnson, a labor union organizer, Chicago probably won’t get “out of the woods,” but will end up deeper in there, judging from his fresh pro-riot comments.

In a statement on Sunday, Johnson declared he did not “condone the destructive activity” of the rioting vandals. However, in the next sentence, he was quick to argue the “youth” in question should not be “demonized” because that was “not constructive.”

The mayor-elect insisted the young thugs and vandals had been “starved of opportunities” – hence their obscenely criminal actions.

More Safe ‘Spaces’ Needed

Johnson’s nonsensical tirade then continued with the argument that Chicago should “create spaces” where youth would be able to “gather safely and responsibly.”

In his words, that would be under the “guidance and supervision” of others and therefore guarantee the city would remain welcoming to residents and visitors alike.

The Chicago Police Department arrested six “youth” and nine individuals over 18 because of the Loop Teen Takeover.

Most of those were nabbed for reckless conduct, but one 16-year-old got charged with the illegal use of a weapon, while two were charged with possessing a stolen vehicle.

Chicago’s outgoing Mayor Lightfoot also condemned the “unlawful behavior” of the rioters. However, with her very soft-on-crime successor Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s residents might even end up missing the good old “calm” Lightfoot years.