Look Which Biden Admin Member is About to Get Impeached

Judgment Day may be coming for Alejandro Mayorkas, the woke Secretary of Homeland Security.

He, together with President Joe “Open Border” Biden, actively aided the unprecedented invasion of the United States by millions of illegal immigrants through the US-Mexico border.

Mayorkas’ Head May Roll as Early as Next Month

Alejandro Mayorkas has been one of the most woke, pro-illegal immigration officials of the Biden administration. Some six million illegal aliens have waltzed into the US since Open Border Joe waltzed into the White House almost 23 months ago.

According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) estimates, the number includes well over one million gotaways.

They weren’t even detected as Mexican drug cartels smuggled them. That way, they didn’t have the convenience of getting detained and then transported for free for release inside the United States by the Biden administration.

As Republicans managed to retake the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms last month, they have increasingly called for impeaching Mayorkas once the new Congress takes office in January.

The reason for impeaching him would be his “failure to stop” illegal immigration into the US – or, rather, his “aiding and abetting” of America’s invasion by millions of third-world illegals.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday leading a group of 20 Republican lawmakers, GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona made the legal case for Mayorkas’ impeachment, The New York Post reported.

Biggs declared that Sleepy Joe’s woke DHS chief “committed high crimes and misdemeanors,” which deserves impeachment.

The Arizona Republican emphasized Mayorkas has set free over one million illegal immigrants inside the US.

He was referring to the CBP figure showing that over 1.3 million illegal alien detainees were set free inside the US, since Biden took over, to await court hearings on their asylum applications.

A vast number of those illegals granted asylum hearings never report to the courts.

Combined with the over one million gotaways, the number means Open Border Joe has spiked America’s already significant illegal immigrant population by at least 2.3 million in less than two years.



He Lost Control of the Border

In his remarks, Rep. Biggs predicted “most” of the illegals Mayorkas set free inside the US would “never be heard from” ever again.

He added Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary clearly failed in his responsibility to keep “operational control of the border” and he “may have lied” to Congress by claiming the situation was under control.

That’s not even mentioning the countless illegal aliens that Mayorkas failed to detain as required by US law.

GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas noted that Mayorkas was well aware of what he was supposed to do – and, “yet,” he is “refusing to do it.”

He accused the Biden official of “high crimes and misdemeanor” by “endangering” both the people of the United States and the migrants who are trying to come to the country.

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado said it was high time for Republicans to act on the illegal migration border crisis and impeaching Biden’s DHS chief would be an “appropriate place to start.”


This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.