Liz Cheney Threatens to Put Trump in Jail

Liz Cheney is a Republican in Name Only (RINO) who represents Wyoming in the House of Representatives.

She has been one of those leading the crusade against former President Trump over the events of January 6, 2021.

Despite failing to impeach Trump previously, Cheney didn’t give up. She formed a special “committee” to investigate the January 6 protests and even brought onboard a fellow RINO called Adam Kinzinger.

Now, Cheney is out threatening that she can put Trump in jail if she wants.

What Exactly is Cheney’s Threat?

Cheney went on one of her favorite networks to talk about how evil America First conservatives are and how bad Trump supposedly is. That’s right: she went on CNN.

While there, Cheney said her J6 group has “enough evidence” to press charges on Trump. They could, if they wished, request AG Merrick Garland to put Trump on federal trial right now.

What exactly is that evidence and what would be the charges? Cheney didn’t say. She just mentioned Trump and his inner circle acted in “unlawful” ways and had an obvious plan to try to disrupt the results of the election.

At this point, if Cheney and her team have such damning evidence of a criminal conspiracy against the federal government, why are they not actively pursuing these charges?

Will Trump Be Criminally Charged?

Those who hate Trump have noticed something: every time somebody goes after him, they fail and get humiliated.

The two impeachments against him failed; the media propaganda against him failed and the ongoing corruption investigations against him in New York have failed.

So is this plan from Cheney and her brood actually going to Garland and his crew in order to make Trump’s life harder?

It is certainly possible, but the truth about what’s going on is this is election games from Cheney’s creep squad. The Democrats are falling behind badly and have less support than any time in the past half a century.

We’re looking at a huge red wave coming up, in other words. The Democrats and America Last crowd haven’t accomplished anything.

Using this case as a big stick to get media attention and hype up the supposedly noble mission of the left to find out what happened on J6 is just an attempt to scare up votes.

These pathetic sycophants know they have nothing to offer; so, they go on CNN and claim to have evidence Trump planned a coup.

Here’s the Deal

Cheney should be booted from the GOP and all the America Last folks on the left (and right) need to be completely boycotted and ignored.

If she has evidence of a coup, then bring it.

Either way, the Democrats and their RINO allies are about to experience some of the biggest electoral losses in American history, come November.