Liberals Launch Sick Racist Attack on Black California Governor Candidate Larry Elder

Larry Elder is a black conservative who’s running for governor in California. He’s hoping to replace current Governor Gavin Newsom, who’s in a world of trouble and faces a recall vote on Sept. 14.

Elder is the leading conservative candidate, and support for removing Newsom from office is currently around 50% statewide. Elder has a real shot and that terrifies the liberal media. Now, they have stooped to sickening racist attacks against him.

The LA Times Goes Low on Elder

The LA Times decided to publish a column about how Elder is the “black face” of a “white supremacy” ideology. They tried to scare readers that Elder is somehow racist, when he’s never done or said a racist thing on his life.

The column even quotes a Black Lives Matter member who calls Elder a “danger” to black people and America. Leftists do the same thing with every black conservative, obviously. They did it with Ben Carson, just in the last few years. They do it with Candace Owens constantly.

They claim that the person of color is full of self-guilt and is basically a supporter of white supremacy. They claim that these people are traitors to their race and don’t deserve respect or decency. It’s sickening and it’s incitement.

Black Leftists Say ‘Skin Folk’ Aren’t Actually Black

The column goes on to say Elder is “skin folk” and not really black. Like Joe Biden who claimed that anyone who votes Republican “ain’t black,” Democrats think that minorities have some obligation to do what they tell them.

In fact, not only do liberals believe minorities should do what they tell them; minorities must believe and feel what liberals tell them. The column even quotes a senator from California saying Elder will bring back “Jim Crow” segregation.

This is completely insane. Elder just wants to get rid of the extreme anti-freedom COVID restrictions of Gavin Newsom and revitalize the state’s economy. He wants to make housing more affordable and support working Californians of all ethnicities. Is that now racist?

What Did Elder Do to Anger the Left?

The main thing that makes leftists angry at Elder is that he has a chance of winning and he doesn’t agree with them. He’s a supporter of freedom and doesn’t want to sit back and comply with the new Fauci COVID Regime.

The other thing is that he’s black and he refuses to comply and be part of their Democrat plantation. Furthermore, Elder has made fun of things like critical race theory and chooses not to focus on racial grievances and race issues.

Elder’s message is all about self-responsibility, hard work, and trying to overcome the injustice of the past. He wants to unify the state of California and get over this endless leftist hatred.