Liberal Washington Post Writer Has a Chilling Threat for the Unvaccinated

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos and follows a strict liberal line.

As one of America’s leading newspapers, its job is supposed to be telling us the news and presenting a variety of voices that represent our nation. Yet instead, the Washington Post has shown itself to be a vehicle of political propaganda and one-sided hate speech.

It’s slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” is an ironic joke, not a statement of principle.

The latest example comes from columnist James McAuley, who recently wrote a chilling and disturbed threat against all unvaccinated Americans.

Column Urges the Persecution of All Unnaxxed People

In his column, McAuley wrote about French President Emmanuel Macron.

The leader of France recently said he wants to create a “living hell” for anyone who won’t get the vaccine. According to Macron, the best way to save lives and get back to normal regarding COVID is to focus on those who won’t get the shots, hassle and restrict them as much as possible.

Most people heard Macron’s statements and winced. These aren’t the words of a reasonable leader, nor do they make much sense.

The vaccinated are getting sick and dying at an increasingly high rate after catching COVID from other vaccinated people. How does focusing on the unvaxxed right now make sense?

In any case, it makes sense to McAuley, who wrote in Washington Post praising Macron’s strategy.

According to this liberal writer McAuley, Macron was correct in his words; life should become a “living hell” for anyone who won’t take the experimental and rushed mRNA vaccines.

How Will These Liberals Create Their ‘Living Hell’ for the Unvaxxed?

The thing about the left and people like Macron and McAuley is they are extremely confident. That’s part of why they speak however they’d like and issue threats with no fear of legal reprisal or other punishment.

For this reason, we can easily see what they have in mind by creating a “living hell” for the unvaccinated. Specifically, the plan is to box the unvaccinated in until they give up and get whatever shots they’re told to get.

Restricting the unvaccinated from most parts of public life, giving them fines, cancelling their passports and ability to leave their own country (Canada, for example) is all part of the strategy.

In addition, also publicly blaming them for people dying and shaming them is all part of the left’s tactic to push the vaccine on each person.

The Bottom Line

McAuley is far from the worst on this.

A leftist writer for the LA Times called Michael Hiltzik recently said the media should start joking about unvaccinated people who die of COVID.

These people aren’t right in the head or the heart. That explains exactly why they’re writing for large liberal publications like the Washington Post and LA Times.