Liberal Terry McAuliffe Gets Obliterated in Virginia Governor’s Race

Let’s be honest: the Virginia governor’s race wasn’t looking good. Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe was riding high in the polls and Glenn Youngkin was floundering.

Then, the leftist Lincoln Group sent fake white supremacists to a Youngkin speech. The liberal media tried to say it was a sign of how evil Youngkin was, but the people knew better.

The polls started to turn. All the lies began to catch up with the left…and on Tuesday night, something incredible happened.

Youngkin Wins Big

To say Youngkin won by a landslide would be an understatement. Not only did he take his seat by more than ten points, but Republicans also took over the judiciary, installing Jason Miyares as the new attorney general and Winsome Sears as the new lieutenant governor.

The fact of the matter is the decision by the Democrats to insult and lie to parents didn’t work out well. They claimed critical race theory wasn’t being taught in Virginia schools; that’s a straight-up lie.

Then, they tried to make the whole Virginia election about President Trump and his mean tweets, even though he’s no longer in office. It failed badly and Democrats lost. If this is a sign of what’s coming in the 2022 midterms, then count me in.

More Surprises for the Left

Another big surprise for the left was instead of being able to target specific populations/areas and get a win, there was a huge turnout that completely overran Democrats.

The liberal media tried to say anyone who voted for Youngkin was a white supremacist and racist, but nobody really listened. No matter how many lies were spread about critical race theory and other subjects, it didn’t work.

Despite all the attempts to say Youngkin was too similar to Trump and never spoke out enough about the “insurrection,” it turned out Virginians didn’t believe the hype. They just wanted to put someone in office who’s not a completely insane Clinton plant like McAuliffe and his minions.

The Bottom Line

As I said, if this is a sign for 2022, then the United States has great things to look forward to in the near future for the taking back of this country. Nobody expected Youngkin to pull off a win this big, not to mention the GOP taking the other top places in the state and regaining control of the Virginia legislature.

This is great news for conservatives and every so often, it’s important just to celebrate a win. The return to a pro-America system is going to happen state-by-state at this point, as the shadow of the incompetent and treasonous Biden regime darkens the country.

Glenn Youngkin is one big step forward and a sign of hope for us all.