Liberal Media Shrews Turn On Each Other

The Washington Post has been on a downward slide for years now after embracing fake news.

Instead of real reporting and hosting a variety of opinions, this once legendary news outlet has become a far-left rumor mill and propaganda production house.

We recently got a peek at what it’s like to work at WaPo and everyone who doesn’t work there is breathing a sigh of relief.

The latest drama came after WaPo politics reporter Dave Weigel found a joke funny on Twitter. He decided to retweet it. Then all hell broke loose.

Leftist Coworker Goes Berserk on Weigel

Weigel is an experienced political reporter who now and then does good work. Unlike most in the liberal media, he does have his thoughts and insights into politics, despite being a leftist. He also has a sense of humor.

Cruising Twitter, Weigel found a joke from YouTuber Cam Harless funny. It was about how all women are “bi,” it just depends if it is “polar or sexual.” Weigel retweeted it.

Then, his coworkers started going after him, complaining and making a fuss about this “offensive” tweet and complaining to the editor. Weigel was publicly scolded by editors who said the “reprehensible” tweet was disrespectful to women.

He undid the retweet and said sorry, acting like a scolded child as the far left bullies circled him. Weigel got picked on so much that top editor, Sally Buzbee, even put out a memo saying to stop being mean to colleagues at the paper and insulting them.

Harless even saw the drama and tweeted out how it was “grim as f**k” to see somebody else say sorry for what he’d tweeted and get in trouble for a joke.

Then, disgraced liar and far-left propagandist Felicia Sonmez piped up, eager to keep the drama going.

Sonmez Scolds Weigel

Tweeting about Weigel’s retweet, Sonmez sarcastically quipped it was “fantastic” to be employed somewhere that jokes like this are “allowed.”

According to her, the world should just be a giant safe space where you never get your feelings hurt and people can’t laugh at jokes they find funny.

Fellow reporter Del Real said he agreed Weigel’s joke wasn’t funny, but he’d already apologized and it would be better to move on than to encourage cyberbullies to attack Weigel.

As Real said, “targeted public harassment” of a work colleague isn’t a great look, and using your hurt feelings as a way to bully others is actually counterproductive.

Real is right. There’s just no reason to allow bullying under the guise of being offended. It discredits WaPo even more than it’s already discredited for its barrage of lies over the past few years.

Sonmez is a Piece of Work

Sonmez caused controversy in 2020 when she tried to stir up rape accusations against the late NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, immediately following the death of him and his daughter in a helicopter accident.

She was suspended and eventually led back on, but told she couldn’t cover sex harassment stories, since she obviously has a huge chip on her shoulder about these kinds of issues.

She sued them and lost, with the judge agreeing the newspaper had a reason for not letting her cover these topics.

Two years earlier, she accused a fellow reporter of groping her while on assignment in China.