Liberal Journalist Goes on Unhinged Twitter Rant About Wanting to Murder People

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Another day, another liberal journalist takes off their mask.

Not their coronavirus mask, but the mask that pretends they’re not a raving psychopath with no respect for those who have different opinions than them.

This time it’s left-wing scribbler Kurt Eichenwald, a bestselling journalist who’s also contributed at the Atlantic and numerous other fancy progressive publications.

His name was also in the news during the 2016 election cycle when Eichenwald sued and doxed an alt-right poster for sending him a flashing GIF that he claims triggered a life-threatening seizure caused by his epilepsy condition.

Now Eichenwald is moving up to the big leagues of crazy. Forget lawsuits and Atlantic essays. Now he just wants to…kill a stranger.

What Did Eichenwald Say?

Sounding off on New Year’s Eve, Eichenwald went on a rant about his hatred of conservatives and said they deserve “pain and misery” for not responding well enough to the coronavirus.

Eichenwald also lashed out at “f—ing Christians” who think God will “save them from COVID” saying Jesus hates them and they will “burn in Hell.”

According to Eichenwaled his sister lost her husband to COVID “because of antimaskers” and the 4,000 Americans who died on Christmas Eve Day drove him over the edge.

“[Republican Sen. Josh Hawley] & his ilk are working to harm America. I wish them & their loved ones all the pain & misery they inflicted on this country,” Eichenwald tweeted, before going on to get into the meat of his rant, saying he’d like to find someone who doesn’t believe masks are effective and “beat them to death.”

I Didn’t Mean it … Mostly

The liberal loudmouth went on to say that even if his fantasized revenge against an “antimasker” left their kids an orphan they would deserve it.

“If someone is willing to leave the children of innocents without parents, I don’t care if their own kids are orphans. Reap what they sew [sic]. It shouldn’t just be the innocent that suffer,” the deranged dirtbag wrote.

Eichenwald backed down later, deleting the death threat tweet and claiming he didn’t mean it but that it was hard for him not to think violent thoughts since his family is suffering. This may come as news to Eichenwald in his swanky left-wing bubble, but millions of Americans are suffering and have lost loved ones, jobs and mental serenity, not just him.

The difference is that not everyone fantasizes about murdering those who disagree with them or stakes out a black and white position on an issue like masks which even the CDC has flip-flopped on numerous times.

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Eichenwald’s Meltdown is Part of Something Bigger

Eichenwald’s meltdown is part of something bigger than just one man’s drunken rage. It’s typical of the mental deterioration of the American left, which needs someone to blame for everything in order to feel righteous.

If conservatives can’t be to blame for the high COVID deaths then who can? If Christians aren’t the problem then who is? This childish thinking is typical of those who think like Eichenwald. Even though they receive fancy awards and write with big words at the end of the day they are intellectual infants who can’t grasp subtlety or deal with reality.

There’s no further proof needed than a March 1, 2020 tweet, where Eichenwald scolded people for wearing masks, saying only those who are sick and have symptoms should wear them. Now he wants to kill anyone who doesn’t wear a mask? Sounds like…science has…spoken?

This man not only needs psychological help, he needs assistance with basic logic. Then again, he may be so infected with liberalism at this point that he’s beyond help.