Liberal Jerk Senator Chuck Schumer Insults Every Single Trump Supporter

Chuck Schumer is an arrogant, elitist Senator from New York. He hates America and he hates conservatives. Need proof? Listen to literally any word coming out of his sneering mouth. He’s almost as disgusting as his trainwreck cousin and completely unfunny hag Amy Schumer. 

The latest example of Chuck Schumer’s intolerance and hate comes from a community meeting he held with a member of the New York legislature. Schumer made his thoughts crystal clear: Not only on Trump, but on every single person who voted for Trump. 

Schumer: Everyone Who Voted for Trump Is Evil

According to Schumer, Trump is “racist” and “despicable,” and he can’t believe that 74 million people voted for him. Schumer says that Trump only taps into the “dark side” of people and brings out their worst. 

Has he ever even been to a Trump rally or seen the love and togetherness that Trump created in this country? No. In fact, Schumer says Trump only “divides people” and has no ability to unify or lead. What a self-righteous, lying fool Schumer is. Truly. 

Schumer: America Used to be a ‘Bright Sunny’ Country 

According to Schumer, America used to be “bright and shiny” but the American Dream stopped being a reality for many people as they stopped being able to earn enough. 

He believes that Trump won because Democrats didn’t offer a “bold enough vision” in 2016. Nonsense: the Democrat vision was plenty bold, it was also just wrong, horrible, and sick. So people rejected it. 

Chuck Schumer: Batcrap Crazy Liberal

Schumer’s meeting with the progressives was par for the course. He attends crap like this all the time and constantly trash talks conservatives and patriots. This little potbellied globalist wannabe is a sick, sick man. 

He’s also very excited about the Green New Deal and climate change agenda; Schumer is supporting the creation of a ‘Civilian Climate Corps’ so we can blame ordinary Americans for the climate crisis created by people like Schumer and the corporations they take payouts from every day. 

This guy wants to call Trump “vile” and yet, he himself just insulted half of the country as racists. He can’t see beyond his own narrow view full of white, entitled liberals. He doesn’t know or care that Trump received more minority votes than any conservative candidate in decades. 

Schumer doesn’t know or care that outside his New York bubble, there are real Americans who still love this country and don’t want to live in a high-tax, climate dictatorship socialist hellhole. 

Chuck Schumer may be able to spout his hate in New York, but in the real America that exists outside of his bubble, we’re all sick of his lies. 

We know that Trump is not racist or a divider: it’s the exact opposite…and we see race-baiting liberals like Schumer for exactly who they are. We are not impressed in the slightest.