Liberal Host Bill Maher Calls Out the Woke Mob

Bill Maher by pennstatenews is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

TV host Bill Maher is a liberal atheist who dislikes Republicans. He makes fun of conservatives constantly and disagrees with the GOP on almost every issue.

But even Maher has had enough of the far-left woke mob.

In a recent episode of his Real Time with Bill Maher show on HBO, the comedian slammed the left for pushing America back toward “an era of re-segregation.”

Maher’s comments came during an interview with data scientist David Shor, a liberal data analyst who believes that Democrats should try to find common ground with everyone if they want to win elections.

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Some Liberals are Waking Up

In his discussion with Shor, Maher raised some good points, saying that liberals are tending to move to cities and conservatives to smaller cities and the country and that segregation is occurring in many other ways as well.

“We seem to be entering an era of re-segregation that’s coming from the left. I mean, on many college campuses, there are separate dorms, separate black dorms, graduation ceremonies, stuff like that. How will that affect elections in the future?” Maher asked.

Shor agreed, saying that Democrats take it too much for granted that non-White voters are liberal, not realizing or caring that the values of many Hispanic and Black voters, for example, are not socially liberal and may be freaked out by very far-left woke positions in the Democrat party.

“They don’t identify as liberal. We should take that really seriously, realizing that most voters don’t share our values means that we should instead we should try to meet people with the values that they actually hold and we should talk to them about issues that they care about,” Shor said.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Many of the ideas are indeed coming back, but from the left. Columbia University recently announced segregated graduation ceremonies, NYU has been asking for Black-only dorms, and there are more and more institutions actively prioritizing people by race, asking White Americans to go to the back of the line to pay for the “privilege” of their skin tone.

The reasoning from the left is that it’s about creating a “safe space.” As NYU students who want black only dorms explained:

“NYU is a predominantly white institution, making it very difficult for Black students to connect or find community, especially when incidents involving racism occur. It is not about exclusion, but rather creating a space where Black students can feel included.”

The thing is that no matter why you’re doing segregation it’s still…segregation.

Being Honest

Shor’s broader point makes a lot of sense. But it also puts conservative voters in a bit of a dilemma. Should we encourage the Democrats to keep saying crazier and crazier things so that they lose their base and don’t keep winning elections or should we step up to speak out to stop the insanity before it becomes even more dangerous?

As Shor says, there’s no doubt that even on issues like immigration the left is losing people.

“[F]or one thing, the extent to which Hispanic voters have liberal views on immigration is exaggerated. If you look at, for example, decriminalizing border crossings, that’s not something that a majority of Hispanic voters support. Pew’s done a lot of polling on immigration reform, and if you ask things like, ‘Should we deport the undocumented population, should we give them a path to permanent residency, or should we give them a path to citizenship?’ citizenship only gets a little over 50 percent support among Hispanic voters. So I think liberals really essentialize Hispanic voters and project views about immigration onto them that the data just doesn’t support,” Shor said.

Liberals stereotyping minorities to use them for their own agenda? Will the surprises never end?