Liberal ‘Comedy’ Snoozefest Saturday Night Live Gets Lowest Ratings of All Time

Saturday Night Live is now on its 47th season. It used to actually be funny decades ago, when it had people like Chris Farley and John Belushi on it.

Now, SNL is a liberal snoozefest full of jokes that mock conservatives, family, Christianity and America. To put it bluntly, SNL sucks.

Many Americans agree, with so few tuning in for this year’s premiere that the show had the lowest ratings in its history.

If this is all a big joke about being woke and going broke, then it actually is kind of funny. Indeed, there were 41% less viewers than last year for the premiere of SNL and it was their lowest rated premiere ever.

In total, 4.9 million people watched this season premiere of SNL hosted by Owen Wilson, whereas 8.2 million watched last year’s premiere hosted by Chris Rock.

What is Going On?

What’s going on here is SNL is getting called on its bullcrap. Another thing is people record the episodes and don’t watch them live in some cases.

How many people do you know recording SNL and watching it the next few days afterwards, though? Really?

The fact of the matter is comedy shows like SNL are no longer comedy. They don’t want to get laughter; what they want is more accurately called “clapter.” They want people to clap for their stupid leftist political takes.

Remember when Kate McKinnon (the short-haired blond SNL lady) did a tearful song in recognition of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run? That’s the kind of people this place produces.

Of course, President Trump himself went on SNL a couple of times back in the day; he has a good sense of humor and didn’t mind poking fun at himself. Yet, the main reason, really, was they were still popular years ago and he wanted the publicity.

Now they’re in the toilet and the only people appearing on SNL are washed up celebrities and leftist “comedians” who get watched by the same basements of a few people in Brooklyn and Beverly Hills every weekend.

Even Worse News for SNL

Even worse news for SNL is they sank 53% in the 18-49 age demographic, which is most valued by advertisers.

This basically makes their show a toxic product now. Many advertisers will look at it and genuinely wonder if they can get the eyes on screen that would even make advertising in this slot worth it.

As noted, the premiere had Owen Wilson as the host and Kacey Musgraves, a country singer who bends far left, playing music. She’s made various songs promoting the use of drugs, homosexual experimentation and disregarding your parents and cultural values.

The show also had Jim Carrey on with his impression of Joe Biden, but even the excitement over this wasn’t enough to draw that many people.

Carrey, who is a fanatically pro-abortion leftist, did actually used to be funny decades ago. By now, however, he’s become a parody of himself. Time to pack it in, Jim.