Liberal Airhead Chris Cuomo Tossed Off CNN for Outrageous Behavior

Every day, CNN lives up to its reputation for churning out fake news. They can’t seem to put out a broadcast that isn’t stuffed full of lies, hypocrisy, and journalistic fraud.

The latest example comes from former host Chris Cuomo, who’s now been put on “indefinite leave,” according to the network.

Cuomo is the brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who stepped down several months ago, amid the firestorm of sexual harassment allegations against him.

Now, Chris is out at CNN, too.

Why CNN Booted Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo’s chipper personality and smug way of talking earned him a decent spot on CNN. However, CNN now says he’s on leave for an “indefinite” amount of time because of what’s been exposed about what he did for Andrew.

While in charge of New York, Andrew was facing a lot of heat about his behavior with women. It was exposed Chris helped him draft some messages denying the accusations, but it’s now been revealed Chris’ help went a lot further than that.

In fact, new evidence obtained under subpoena shows Chris was working actively to warn and prepare his brother for news coverage of his allegations to help him ride out the storm. This is basically the news version of insider trading in the stock market.

You can’t really blame Chris, in a way. This really isn’t half as bad as many of the other things CNN has done over the years, but nonetheless, it’s definitely enough to get him put in the corner.

CNN Explains Their Decision

According to CNN, the new revelations about Chris’ behavior were too much and they bring up “serious questions.” Although they previously admitted Chris broke the rules by helping Andrew draft a denial, this crosses the line beyond that.

The truth, of course, is now that new text messages and corruption were revealed under subpoena for the whole world to see, CNN is forced to do something to pretend to still be a news organization.

Basically, they’re not sorry about what Chris did at all; they’re sorry he got caught because now, they have to pretend to care about journalistic ethics.

The Bottom Line

CNN says it will “evaluate” what happened going forward. What’s clear is karma eventually does catch up to some people, and this is just a tiny bit of the dirt at CNN rubbing off.

Much more serious things, like the credible sexual assault allegations against twisted host Don Lemon, are still pending.

Now, the Cuomo brothers can do their best to recover and think about their lives. Maybe the way they were chewed up and spit out by the Democrat Party they were so loyal to will make them think twice in the future about being its eager slaves.