Left’s ‘Zero-Dollar Bail’ Sets Loose Hordes of Criminals

The soft-on-crime policies imposed upon the American people by radical woke Democrats are wreaking havoc on entire communities. A single county in California has seen hundreds of hardened criminals set loose on a “zero-dollar bail,” a study shows.

Two-Thirds on ‘Zero’ Bail Commit More Violent Crimes

Crippling law enforcement and the justice system has been a major way for the left to demoralize and destroy some of the cornerstones of the United States – public safety and the rule of law.

Now, a new study has painted a shocking picture of the consequences that a “zero-dollar bail” policy had on American towns and cities by allowing criminals to walk free and commit graver crimes.

The study was commissioned by the District Attorney of Yolo County, which has a population of 200,000 and lies in the Sacramento metropolitan area in Northern California.

It was discovered for a fact that hundreds of criminals who got back out on the streets on zero-dollar bail committed additional crimes.

More specifically, the study found 70% of those who got arrested and were let go on a bail of $0 from 2020-2021 went ahead and committed another offense.

The authors established that criminals released under zero bail were three times more likely to get rearrested for perpetrating a new violent crime, compared to criminals required to post bail.

California’s Magic Three Pro-Crime Laws

Dan Tibbitt, a resident of Sacramento whose sister Mary Kate was brutally killed in her home in 2021, told Fox News he was in no way surprised by the study’s findings.

Tibbitt said his sister became a victim and a statistic of California’s dangerous laws known as Props 57 and 47 and the zero-dollar bail.

Proposition 57 offers an early release to nonviolent felons. Prop 47 downgraded certain crimes. The two measures were approved by pro-Democrat state voters in 2016 and 2014, respectively.

Mary Kate was allegedly killed by Troy Davis, who was out in the streets, thanks to all three above-mentioned provisions, despite having committed violent crimes.

In August, Yolo County DA Reisig told Fox News that the “zero-bail” policy in California “shocks the conscience” and created “new victims.”