Leftist Race-Baiting Professor Ibram Kendi Admits Transgender Ideology is ‘Horrifying’

Ibram X. Kendi (American University) by AAUP is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Ibram X. Kendi is an American professor who pushes critical race theory and intersectionality. These ideologies basically claim the US is a fundamentally racist nation built on oppression and White supremacy.

He’s a favorite of progressive White liberals, as you can imagine, and his book on how to be “anti-racist” has sold like hotcakes.

But now Kendi is drawing some anger from fellow progressives for admitting what everyone already knows but won’t admit: transgender ideology is awful, harmful and abusive.

When you’ve gone too far even for Kendi’s taste then you know that things are truly nuts.

Ibram X. Kendi – How to Be an Antiracist by Montclair Film is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kendi Slips Up and Admits the Truth

Kendi is being called “transphobic” on social media after a video surfaced from Jan. 25 where he’s having an interview with the New York State Association for Independent Schools (NYSAIS).

Kendi talks about how his own daughter talked about wanting to change her gender out of being pressured with negative gender beliefs, which goes completely against the (untrue) trans claim that most transgender people are just born that way.

“I think it was last week my daughter came home and said she wanted to be a boy. Which was horrifying, for my wife to hear, for myself to hear, and of course, y’know, we’re like ‘okay, what affirmative messages about girlhood y’know can we be teaching her to protect her from whatever she’s hearing in our home, or even outside of our home, that would make her want to be a boy,” Kendi said.

As a parent, Kendi expressed what most parents of all political beliefs feel. They feel worried when they hear anxiety and depressed comments from their kids about their gender. And they worry what messages they’re being told at school.

Transgender advocates take advantage of that and encourage kids to try to change genders. Normal people – even radical race-baiting professors with a chip on their shoulder about White people – step back and wonder why such a toxic ideology is being pushed on their kids.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line on this video of Kendi is that even though he might not yet be “cancelled” by his fellow progressives, his moment of honesty exposes a deep truth about the leftist movement. Identity politics and intersectionality is not coherent and is actually a house of cards.

Take the Black Lives Matter movement, which disrespects Black Americans and Africans worldwide by making a core part of their platform cultural Marxist propaganda. They demand that people “affirm queerness” and support transgenderism, abortion, drug legalization, disruption of the “Western-based” nuclear family and other “intersectional” causes. BLM base their ideology on what a core group of deranged activists believe is necessary to break down society and start over in some drug-addled transgender commune or gender studies grads from Brown University.

Back in the real world, anyone with any connection to reality still existing – including progressives – is not always in agreement on every progressive issue. Things like BLM or school curriculums pushing the radical transgender ideology, are going to increasingly alienate and anger parents of all political beliefs.

Kendi’s comments may be memory-holed for the time being as people like him continue to be called in as experts to demonize being White or a Trump supporter and so on, but eventually he too will be cancelled for not being “woke” enough. There is no end to the insanity once you get on the progressive train, and that should be a wake-up call and a warning to every reasonable person to stay as far away as possible from ideas like critical race theory, intersectionality and more.

Progressives won’t let you agree with them on one item but disagree on others. It’s all or nothing. And the full package is something most people with any shred of decency left are ultimately going to reject in horror.