Leftist Media Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

On Thursday evening, CNN criticized Elon Musk’s Twitter for behaving impulsively after a variety of reporters, particularly CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, were suspended.

Leftist Media Upset

Musk deemed the restrictions essential after he blamed them for “doxing” him and their suspensions all happened very quickly. CNN condemned the judgment in a report regarding O’Sullivan, as well as other, suspension(s).

The statement said the rash and unwarranted suspension of a handful of journalists, particularly CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, is alarming, but not unexpected.

The rising fragility and volatility of Twitter should be of grave concern to all platform users. It went on to say they have requested an answer from Twitter and Musk and will review their partnership based on Twitter’s feedback on the matter.

The statement was issued hours after O’Sullivan was banned from Twitter, alongside Drew Harwell of the Washington Post, Ryan Mac of the New York Times, and Matt Binder of Mashable.

In a statement received by NBC News, The Times expressed support for Mac.

Charlie Stadtlander, the paper’s communications director, said they anticipate that each of the reporters’ profiles are returned and Twitter will have to offer a satisfactory explanation for this decision.

Mashable had not made any comment on Binder’s removal, but Post executive editor Sally Buzbee demanded Harwell’s quick reinstatement.

The Post declared in a statement that the suspending of Drew Harwell’s Twitter profile obviously contradicts Elon Musk’s assertion that he wishes to operate Twitter as a free speech platform.

After the publishing of his correct report regarding Musk, Harwell was expelled from Twitter without notice, procedure, or explanation. They said their reporter needs to be restored without delay.

Keith Olbermann and the social media network Mastodon were some of those removed by the platform. Jack Sweeney, who has been watching Elon Musk’s personal plane for years, was de-platformed a day before the bans.

Musk stated on Thursday evening through Twitter that the reporter prohibitions were a result of Sweeney’s activities in following his jet.

Musk announced late Thursday night, just after profiles were suspended, that “doxxing” will now end in a “brief” seven-day suspension.

In tweets, Musk explains the journalists had posted his real-time live location, which serves as a real threat to his safety. This is justifiably not in line with Twitter’s Terms of Service.

After receiving backlash over this, Musk stated that the same rules that apply to the average Twitter user, also apply to journalists.

Musk Explains Suspensions

It’s possible these left-leaning reporters forgot by endangering Musk, they are also putting his family’s lives at risk.

One Twitter user suggested when an account is suspended, the time limit should be displayed, as well as the policy that was violated. The user said this would help in increasing transparency and answering questions.

Musk agreed this was a good idea and something he would implement.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.