Leftist Magazine Rolling Stone Publishes Shameful Lie About Ivermectin

Rolling Stone magazine isn’t worthy to be used as toilet paper. In 2014, they published an article about a gang rape at the University of Virginia that never occurred. They were later sued.

After that time, they printed endless lies and smears of President Trump and conservatives, working to push globalist, liberal talking points and break down this country. Now, Rolling Stone has done it again, lying outrightly with an article falsely trying to smear the medicine ivermectin.

What Did the Story Say?

Ivermectin has an animal and human form. The animal form can be dangerous to humans and shouldn’t be taken by people. The human form has proven effective in preventing COVID-19.

The media has been obsessed with scaring people about ivermectin and lying about it; therefore, they have wanted to inflate the number of people who have stupidly been taking the horse dewormer form of ivermectin.

The reason? The media wants everyone getting their COVID vaccines and only believing what the Biden regime says. Rolling Stone ran an article that claimed Oklahoma emergency rooms at hospitals were having to turn away people who’d been shot because they were so full of people sick from ivermectin.

It made a big splash and was retweeted by the likes of Rachel Maddow and other leading liberals. It was also completely made up.

100% Fake News

The Rolling Stone story was mainly based on interviews with a physician from Oklahoma by the name of Jason McElyea. He talked about the crisis being caused by animal ivermectin idiots and how it was overwhelming Oklahoma hospitals.

Except, McElyea doesn’t work at Oklahoma hospitals anymore and hasn’t for over two months. The hospital McElyea claimed to work at put out a statement explaining that he doesn’t work for them and that his claims on treating people with animal ivermectin poisoning are untrue.

In other words, the hospital called out Rolling Stone on its shameful fake news.

Large Amount of People Taking Animal Ivermectin?

The entire idea that a large amount of Americans are poisoning themselves with animal ivermectin is untrue to start with. It only became a big story because podcast host Joe Rogan said ivermectin was part of what was prescribed to him to get him better when he had COVID.

It’s also proven helpful in preventing transmission. This makes our medical establishment like Dr. Fauci angry. In fact, looking at Oklahoma, the state’s CDC head Scott Schaefer says there have been 11 people who took animal ivermectin in the entire state in the past five months.

Not exactly the huge rush of people Rolling Stone described, is it? Rolling Stone was so pathetic they even used photos for the article that were taken from winter in another part of the country.

These people are absolute clowns.