Leftist Leader Trudeau is Losing Support in Canada’s Upcoming Election

Canada is in rough shape. It’s being led by an extremist left-wing pretty boy called Justin Trudeau; he’s slowly dragged the country toward communism over his last years in office. Now Trudeau has called an election for Sept. 20.

As vaccine mandates arrive in many parts of the country, Trudeau sees the election as a chance to tighten his grip and embrace his inner New Age Stalin. In other words, this is basically the last chance Canada has to avoid becoming Australia or China.

Trudeau’s Big Mistake

Trudeau currently has a minority government with his Liberal party. This means it’s harder for them to pass laws and establish a full dictatorship. By holding an election now, he was hoping to score a majority by scaring Canadians into conformity.

He’s failed badly; his threats against the unvaccinated have caused large protests, including people swearing at him and swarming him almost everywhere he goes on the campaign trail. Now, the latest polls show that Trudeau is rapidly losing support with Canada’s anti-vaccine-passport Conservative Party taking the lead.

The latest poll from Nanos shows the Conservatives at 36%, Liberals at 31%, and socialist NDP at 18%. The Quebec independence party Bloc Quebecois is at 5.3%, while the anti-lockdown People’s Party of Canada led by Maxime Bernier is at 5.2%.

Instead of tightening his grip on power, Trudeau now stands a good chance of getting his liberal behind booted out of office.

Why is Trudeau Losing?

In addition to his outrageous incitement of violence against the unvaccinated (saying they are “endangering” people’s kids and must be stopped), Trudeau has run Canada into the ground. Businesses can’t find anyone to hire as people collect checks from the government and new lockdowns come through every few weeks.

During the latest debate, Trudeau did poorly after failing to explain why he was holding an election during the middle of a pandemic. People are tired of this arrogant liberal running the country and they want a change.

There is also rapidly growing support for parties like the People’s Party led by Max Bernier; that’s because of the party’s strong stance against vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and its support of economic over-regulation.

Who Will Be Canada’s Next Leader?

Canada’s next leader is looking like it could be Conservative Erin O’Toole. O’Toole has various signs of being quite liberal and a globalist, but he’s still better than Trudeau.

He also said he won’t pursue vaccine passports or more lockdowns; although Canada’s Conservatives generally follow in lockstep with the liberals, only slightly slower.

In any case, O’Toole’s surging support definitely has Trudeau worried in his rainbow-colored ivory tower. The next debate happens on Sept. 8 and the election will take place on Sept. 20. If Trudeau wins, you might as well cross Canada off the map.