Leftist New Zealand Completely Locks Down Country Again for One COVID Case

In 1776, the United States fought a successful revolution against England. Many other British colonies did not fight at all: places such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand. They let England tax and abuse them as much as it wanted.

They let the King take their guns, run their lives, stomp all over their rights and they’ve been paying for it ever since. The latest example comes out of New Zealand, where their leftist leader Jacinda Ardern is locking down the entire nation completely over one recorded case of COVID.

New Zealand’s Fake Success Story

New Zealand is pretty full of itself. The island country got rid of all COVID cases by completely banning travel and having strict testing. They completely wrecked the tourism sector in the meantime and have basically bankrupted half their businesses, but at least it stopped COVID.

Well, apparently it didn’t. A single case was recorded in the New Zealand city of Auckland and the whole country went insane. Now, Ardern says they’re headed back for three more days of lockdown. Police patrol the streets and the nation has the strictest lockdowns outside of China. Welcome to “freedom” for those who didn’t stand up to the King and tyranny.

Who is Jacinda Ardern?

Jacinda Ardern is basically the female Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama. She is an airheaded idiot of the worst kind, imposing her leftist views on the nation and bullying and insulting anyone who disagrees.

She is a mass immigration-loving extremist who has been caught on video smoking what appears to be drugs in the past. She grew up Mormon, but ditched her conservative upbringing to become an abortion-loving, drugs-for-everybody, liberal lunatic.

She’s put in very strict measures since COVID broke out, just like Canada, and because New Zealand is an island, they’ve been able to stop the disease coming in. However now the original newly-discovered case has branched off into five altogether. This three-day lockdown could easily become another three weeks or three months.

We’ve seen it happen before plenty of times.

Plot Twist

One thing about New Zealand that’s not going fully according to Ardern’s progressive plan is vaccination. In fact, a tiny 20% of New Zealand has COVID shots at this point. Maybe the lockdown will convince more people to get the vaccine, or maybe it will just start to make them more angry.

Now that Western governments have gotten a taste of Chinese Communist style authoritarian power, they’re not going to let it go. They’re only going to intensify the tyranny and squeeze tighter.

Whether the excuse is COVID or anything else (such as the climate or another disease that comes along), we can fully expect to see more lockdowns in the future. Good luck, New Zealand, wouldn’t want to be you.