Leftist Journalist Who Cried About Cyberbullying Doxxes Top Conservative

Taylor Lorenz is a 37-year-old journalist who writes for the Washington Post.

This leading national newspaper, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, is a cornerstone of establishment and liberal points of view.

Lorenz herself is a poster child for leftist arrogance and entitlement, making a career from bullying conservatives and pushing a radical left agenda on Americans.

Most recently, Lorenz made headlines for sobbing and crying about how she supposedly had “PTSD” from people bullying her online and trying to find her real location offline to harass her.

Now, Lorenz has just come out with a story targeting a conservative Twitter account and trying to incite violence against its female owner.

Lorenz the Hypocrite

After crying on national news about people being mean to her online, Lorenz has gone and done months of research to expose the identity of the woman behind the account LibsofTikTok.

The LibsofTikTok account publishes videos and content of liberal people saying and doing things that make them look like predators, fools, and traitors. It doesn’t do this by twisting what they are doing, but simply by literally showing it.

This clearly made Lorenz and her editors very angry, especially as LibsofTikTok started having more and more influence. Its content started appearing on Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, The Federalist, and other right-wing outlets.

Reading Lorenz’s “article,” which is just a hatchet job disguised as journalism, it’s clear content LibsofTikTok posted about leftist educators indoctrinating kids with trans ideology bothered Lorenz.

She wishes teachers could just have free reign to groom kids, so now Lorenz has put a woman’s life in danger.

Lorenz may be a visiting fellow at Harvard and attended a cushy boarding school in Switzerland growing up, but at heart, she’s just a cruel, pampered bully.

Now, she’s giving Antifa and far-left radicals the green light to track down and harm someone with the establishment media’s full approval.

Who is LibsofTikTok’s Owner?

LibsofTikTok has been suspended from Twitter a few times for posting content that makes the left look bad in their own words.

Though now, Lorenz wants to really go after the person behind it, real estate agent Chaya Raichik from Brooklyn.

This wealthy liberal reporter wants to harass and intimidate a private citizen after literally crying to the world about being traumatized by online bullying.

It’s just like the left who complained about “civility” under President Trump and now launches daily vicious attacks on conservatives and journalists they don’t like, such as Peter Doocy of Fox News.

It’s sympathy for me, but not for thee. It’s hypocrisy, weakness, and un-American bullying.

The Bottom Line

Taylor Lorenz is a disgusting and cowardly human being. She is a cry bully, shedding crocodile tears about being a victim while victimizing and endangering those around her.

She is a symbol of our liberal media in 2022.