Leftist Journalist Shows Her Ignorance About 9/11

The 9/11 attacks are something no American should ever forget. Our nation stared evil in the face that day and lost 2,977 innocent American souls in the process.

Now, on the 20th anniversary of that dark day, patriots remember those we lost and the heroes who rallied to save survivors. However, not every American is honoring this tragic anniversary.

Leftist author and Teen Vogue write Jenn Jackson has a completely different way of remembering 9/11: by cheering it on.

Deranged Leftist Claims 9/11 Was a Justified Attack Against ‘Heteropatriarchal Capitalism’

In a series of tweets, Jackson sounded off about 9/11 in the vilest way imaginable. Jackson said she’s “really disturbed” by how white journalists discuss and talk about 9/11.

According to her, white Americans remember 9/11 so vividly because it was the first time they felt “real fear.” Jackson says that white people never knew what it was like to be attacked as a group in America before, unlike black people.

Then, Jackson really goes full steam ahead into liberal lunatic land, tweeting that 9/11 was actually about taking down “heteropatriarchal” capitalism and American imperialism.

Yes, she actually tweeted that and clearly meant it. This evil woman whose bio says she has “genderflux all pronouns” and who has a Pride flag as well, claims to have a Ph. D. With what they are teaching in university these days, she just might be telling the truth.

Jackson: Terrorists Were Fighting White Supremacy

According to Jackson, terrorists were basically fighting white supremacy by killing innocent Americans of all races. There was plenty more evil out there from fellow leftists, too. Take this tweet from University of Kansas student body president Niya McAdoo.

Perhaps McAdoo – or “comradeSYX” – would rather be living in the Soviet Union or Afghanistan where their pronouns can be more respected? People like this are still a minority; that’s the good news. The bad news is that they have a much larger influence than they should.

Here’s the Reason This Matters

As the majority of Americans of all political beliefs come together to remember those we lost on 9/11 and in our nation’s wars since that time, there’s a reason we need to mention those who don’t respect the anniversary.

It’s not just because they are anti-American, stupid, and treasonous. It’s because they have wormed their way into many positions of influence. Teen Vogue, where Jackson works, influences the minds of millions of teen girls in our country.

The University of Kansas where McAdoo works is a large institution. Then there are our media, too, which is full of people making excuses for 9/11 and talking about it in the most un-patriotic and absurd ways.

These people should have no public platform and no voice, but they are allowed to spew their hate on big tech social media and the airwaves. That’s the problem we face as patriots on this dark anniversary.