Leftist Journalist Fakes Trump Interview to Make Ex-POTUS Look Crazy

Piers Morgan is a far-left British journalist who frequently gives his opinion on American politics. He first got the attention of most Americans when he debated Ben Shapiro about gun control and got brutally humiliated on live TV.

Since then, Morgan has been mainly back in the UK, chirping away about how we all need to get our COVID vaccine and believe whatever the latest liberal lie happens to be.

Though recently, Morgan decided to crank up his ratings a bit and do an interview with former President Trump. The two are old friends and Trump agreed.

What happened next was disgusting to watch.

Brit Leftie Tries to Trap Trump in Scam Interview

The interview with Trump lasted 75 minutes and covered a lot of ground.

However, Morgan tried repeatedly to get Trump angry and trap him in stupid questions. He’s also been promoting the interview by claiming Trump got mad and left the set early.

The full footage of the interview reveals this to be fake. Trailers for the upcoming interview also show Trump looking frantic and enraged, with sweat beading on his face.

It’s clear that filters are being used by Morgan. They put extremely bright and hot stage lights on Trump’s face to try to make him sweat and look unhinged.

By contrast, the left will use cooler lighting and a professional mood in many interviews with mainstream politicians to try to make them look more collected and competent.

These techniques are well-known in show business, as are the dishonest editing practices that Morgan and his crew of propagandists used here.

Trump himself did get frustrated with Morgan at some point, asking “what the f***” was Morgan trying to do in the interview after he realized his (former) friend was ambushing him.

Trump Didn’t ‘Storm Off’

The fact of the matter is Trump didn’t “storm off” the interview or lose his cool. He simply called out Morgan a few times. He also sounded off on “weak fool” Mike Pence and “stupid” RINO Mitch McConnell.

Trump didn’t like the way Morgan invited him on and then tried to get him angry by saying he was crazy over the 2020 election and more. Though he didn’t go crazy or start whining.

He did call Morgan a “fool” for calling the 2020 election “free and fair.”

The fact is this interview lasted 75 minutes and Morgan kept saying it was the “last question.” When Trump gets up and says to “turn off the TV,” it’s because the interview is over.

It didn’t happen because he was angry.

The Bottom Line

All of this shows Morgan is a complete fraud, just like the majority of the liberal media and the dirty tricks they constantly play.