Lefties Got $1 Billion in Non-Campaign Spending for Tipping 2024 Election

Democrats and their allies have a war chest of a whopping $1 billion they plan to spend on tipping the scales in their favor in the 2024 election.

Taking Over Election Functions

The $1 billion that Democrats have amassed for 2024 will not go to campaign ads, but will fund questionable electoral practices that they already utilized widely in 2020 and 2022, The Gateway Pundit reported.

These include paying for election workers, vote harvesting, mail-in voting, and getting out the vote, among others. The GP report notes these murky tricks “worked” for Democrats in the last two elections.

The Real Clear Investigations report, in turn, emphasizes that the left is “vastly expanding” its “unprecedented effort” to run and influence public elections with its private money.

It quotes public records as showing that leftist, Marxist, and progressive groups with over $1 billion in accumulated funds.

These partisan organizations are now working with officials on state and local election boards with the goal of influencing their functions that have been under government or political party control.

These include the registration and turning out of voters, mail-in ballots, and the design of election office websites.

Such activities used to be handled mostly by political parties, but are now getting surrendered to nonprofits packed with progressive activists and organized labor activists.

Democrats Don’t Even Bother to Campaign Now

The investigative report points out the GOP has worked to counteract such questionable practices. Since 2020, it has passed laws in 24 states to crack down on the private financing of public elections.

Regardless of that, it is noted that Republicans have no “comparable, boots-on-the-ground effort” that would allow them to influence election boards and workers the same way.

Not to mention that even in some GOP-led states, the bans on private funding for elections “haven’t proven to be absolute.”

According to Kimberly Fiorello, an ex-GOP state lawmaker in Connecticut, a “cottage industry” of nonprofits with 501c3s status is intervening in politics and public policy to try to “shape” any topic, such as immigration or education.

She stresses that more and more of the leftist NPO efforts focus on administering elections, and all of them have “big funding.” Fiorello says the nonprofits in question try to present themselves as “innocuous,” but they are actually financed by the left.

Lots of entities trying to buy the Democrats’ way into winning the next election have ties to Arabella Advisors, a DC-based, for-profit consultancy. The firm was set up by Eric Kessler, a former White House staffer during the Clinton administration.

Arabella’s projects totaled $1.3 billion in revenues from 2020-2021. They include the Hopewell Fund, the New Venture Fund, Secure Democracy USA, and the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

In 2020 alone, Arabella handed out $529 million in order to “defend democracy.”

The report concludes that Democrats are so completely certain that private money will give them wins that they don’t “even bother to campaign” – for instance, there is the case of Katie Hobbs in Arizona.