LeBron James Plays It Cool After Racist Murder Outside One of His Charter Schools

LeBron James is very outspoken when it comes to the problem of racism.

He was a strong supporter of the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and gave a big thumbs up while our cities burned in the summer of 2020, following the death of George Floyd.

Another thing LeBron has been passionate about is charter schools and providing educational opportunities in poorer neighborhoods.

Yet, now a horrific murder has happened outside his I Promise Charter School in Cleveland. LeBron has barely mentioned it. Why?

The Victim Was White

Earlier this month, white male Ethan Liming, only 17, was ganged up on by three black young men who savagely beat him to death.

It happened outside the I Promise Charter School in Cleveland, which is directly part of LeBron’s charity and educational initiatives.

According to reports, Liming and several black friends drove by the basketball court area of the charter school and shot a water gun at players for fun.

This enraged Tyler Stafford, 19, Donovon Jones, 21, and Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, who jumped Liming and beat him until he was dead because he was white.

James has given “condolences” and prays for the family to find comfort. He hasn’t mentioned anything about the growing problem with anti-white racism in this country and the fact Liming was specifically targeted for racial reasons.

Liming’s Dad Speaks Out

Liming’s dad is speaking out and says the attack was racially motivated. He said this is a “sick” world and his son was “judged” for having pale skin.

Liming’s dad, Bill, also said his son’s life was judged as not “mattering” because he was white; he wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to other kids.

Liming was there with two black friends who also tried to help him. However, the three black attackers who rushed off the court pushed them away from assisting him in any way. A black female stood by while the beating took place.

The friends tried to help and assisted him after he’d been beaten, and called the ambulance. They tried to load him into the car while he was still alive as well.

This enraged the attackers even more, which contributed to not being able to save Liming in time.

When they saw he was still alive, they reportedly came back for more, pulping him to death with their violent attack and stopping his friends from helping.

Enough Hate

This country has had enough of hate.

As we can see, this attack included Liming’s black friends who tried to help him, but it also included black attackers who his dad says targeted him for his skin color.

There’s enough hate without us lying to ourselves any longer. Black-on-white crime is at epidemic levels in this country and it needs to end now.