Leaked Information Shows Biden Can’t Hold Speech Unassisted

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

If Biden’s image wasn’t already destroyed by his hundreds of public speaking gaffes and incidents like the bike crash, then this little bit of information is sure to solidify the fact he’s way past the age where he can make rational decisions.

As it turns out, someone higher up, who’s calling the shots, thinks so too.

The president mistakenly revealed a cheat sheet containing instructions like “take your seat” and “give brief comments” to a series of photographers at a press conference.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Detailed instructions for our senile president

This isn’t the first time Biden’s been spotted giving out premade answers during interviews.

However, this is the first instance of those specific instructions being revealed to the general public. While it remains unclear where these directions are coming from, there are definitely a couple of prime suspects.

The president’s supporters, on the other hand, believe the cheat sheet to be written by none other than Joe himself.

Considering the number of things he says that he later claims he shouldn’t have, as well as the fact he’s going on 80, that scenario is highly unlikely.

Biden’s age started to pop up as an issue at the very start of his presidency.

He was spotted slurring his words during important international talks, which ultimately led up to his catastrophic pull-out from Afghanistan. This was the event that would start the decline of Joe’s approval rating.

What followed was a series of political missteps, including inflation.

Who’s actually pulling the strings?

The eight-point press conference cheat sheet was revealed at the wind industry executive meeting in the White House earlier this week.

Many pointed out Biden’s instructions referred to him as “YOU,” rather than “president.”

This supports the largely accepted idea that Biden is merely a puppet president while someone more capable is pulling all the strings.

Although considering Biden’s “prep sheet” in the White House, the one orchestrating his actions is likely off his rocker as well.

The paper included orders like “YOU take YOUR seat” and “YOU thank participants,” which isn’t exactly how one addresses the commander-in-chief unless they’re really close.

This notion, paired with Hunter Biden’s claims his dad would do anything for him, led many to believe Hunter is actually the puppetmaster. This is probably the worst-case scenario anyone could imagine for this country.

A 52-year-old drug addict with megalomania is the last thing America needs right now. If we’re lucky, that won’t turn out to be the case; although it definitely remains one of the options.

During the same meeting, Biden revealed a member of his team handed him a piece of paper saying “YOU have something on YOUR chin,” after which Biden wiped the yellow dot off his chin that’d been there for the first ten minutes.

Earlier in 2022, when he was asked to give an opinion on the Ukraine conflict, Biden sparked quite the outrage when he appeared to take out a sheet with premade answers.