Leading BLM Member Quits and Tells the Truth About the Group

A Protester with London's 'Black Lives Matter' March in Oxford Street - 8 July 2016 by alisdare1 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Black Lives Matter claims to be all about stopping police violence against black people and standing up for black people’s rights in a racist society.

In reality, the group is founded on a Marxist ideology called intersectionality.

To cut through all the chatter, their ideology is explicitly pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-drugs, and anti-religion.

In other words, BLM has no respect for the beliefs of most black people in America and around the world; BLM is instead pushing a radical, anti-family viewpoint in order to pursue its own twisted agenda.

Now the founder of one BLM group in Minnesota has quit and is slamming the group for not caring about black people.

After a year inside, Rashad Turner said he has seen more than enough to say goodbye forever to the anti-Black, anti-American organization.

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Why Did Turner Quit BLM?

Turner strongly supports rights for black people, but he’s had enough of BLM’s lies. After a year leading their chapter in St. Paul, MN, he had more than enough of their ideology. Turner says one of the biggest things that got him down was the constant victim mentality.

As someone who was raised by his grandparents, Turner says he was told by them that in order for him to change his life for the better, he needed an education. 

He listened to their advice and worked hard, went to college, and ended up getting a Master’s Degree in education. He was proud to be the first in his family to obtain a university degree and assumed BLM would also be excited about black people empowering themselves when he took over leadership of their St. Paul chapter. 

He was wrong. 

Turner said he was very disappointed to learn the group has “little concern” for truly building back black families” and that they had no interest in “improving the quality of education for students” in the area. 

In particular, Turner was shocked to see other BLM members slam charter schools and actively work to prevent more opportunities for black kids. He was disgusted. 

BLM Doesn’t Care About Black People

The simple truth is that BLM doesn’t care about black people. Black-on-black crime is irrelevant to them and the internal problems of the black community are of zero interest or concern. 

Why? Simple: BLM only cares about using black suffering to advance their disgusting agenda and pursuing the victim narrative. They have no interest in actually making things better for black folks; they just want to spread hate against police, white people and America as a whole. 

BLM support is at an all-time low; their co-founder Patrisse Cullors quit when her home-buying spree was exposed, and the group shows every day how it has no moral standing whatsoever. 

Watch Turner’s video below: