Law Enforcement Puts a Pause on Releasing Tennessee Shooter’s Manifesto

Not too long ago, a transgender person entered a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee and then opened fire. The end result was the shooter taking six lives before eventually being permanently subdued by law enforcement officers who arrived on the scene.

Since then, the public has speculated about what motivated the shooter, whether this was an anti-Christian hate crime, etc. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been criticized for not showing enough care to the victims who lost loved ones.

One thing that would provide some insight into this shooter’s motives is the manifesto they kept. Yet, Fox News reports that Nashville police aren’t too keen on letting the public see this manifesto.

Keeping It Under Wraps

According to the Nashville Police Department, it won’t be promptly releasing this manifesto, due to litigation matters. Law enforcement also revealed that they’ve been advised by legal counsel to hold onto the manifesto until the court system has more time to weigh in.

Meanwhile, there have been lawsuits in order to get this manifesto out to the public. For some time, the Nashville Police Department seemed to suggest the shooter’s manifesto was on its way to being released.

However, amid the litigatory matters, there’s no telling how much longer Americans are going to have to wait.

An Unusual Situation

All things considered, it’s pretty strange for a mass shooter’s manifesto to be intentionally kept from the public. After all, in cases of previous shootings, there’s been no hesitation whatsoever in letting the public see and read the manifestos in their entirety.

Given the delays with the Nashville mass shooter’s manifesto, there are several working theories as to what’s happening. Some people believe those in power may be scared of the public seeing what the mass shooter was thinking.

Other folks think power players in the government are scared of confirming this was a hate crime against Christians. Either way, the optics of what’s happening here are not good.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.