LAPD Officers Heroically Rescue Injured Airplane Pilot

There are some things that have to be seen to be believed. One of them happened on Sunday in Los Angeles.

A man flying a tiny aircraft had a problem and needed to land his plane in the city. He touched down in a tailspin with his aircraft broken apart.

That’s when LAPD officers sprang into action, but it’s what happens next that you have to see to believe.

Shocking Video Shows Heroic Rescue

According to reports, the man flying the plane had a problem after his aircraft’s electrical system went on the fritz. His panel dashboard had no more functionality and he had to crash land in LA.

He landed on train tracks and appears to be semi-conscious as LAPD officers pull him out of the smashed up plane. They start shouting loudly to hurry and “go!” as they grab the man and pull his bloodied – but alive – body out of the wreckage.

Only seconds later, a large train comes and smashes the plane to bits where it had been sitting on the tracks.

Without the actions of these officers, the man would have been smashed to a thousand bits and thrown a mile into the air by the speeding train. It’s not an exaggeration to say they definitely saved his life.

The Bottom Line

There’s far too much negativity out there about police.

They can serve as a convenient scapegoat for everything that goes wrong and violence that occurs. Let’s be clear: police are people just like us and they do make mistakes.

However, they also do the right thing every day across this nation, save lives, and defuse tense situations in ways that rarely get coverage.

It’s great when we have a chance to see the kind of thing officers do on a daily basis when the cameras are turned off. This man and his situation with the airplane would have been just another statistic if these men and women hadn’t sprung into action.

The LAPD is praising their heroism, as it should, but let’s remember they didn’t have to risk their lives to pull an injured man out of a smashed plane only seconds before it got hit by a speeding train.

They won’t receive bonuses; the train would have killed them just like it killed the man if it hit them. They knew the danger and they still risked their lives bravely.

To protect and serve isn’t just a slogan to many police officers. It’s their credo of life and how they try to do their jobs.

Let’s remember their good work and heroism the next time we see a negative story in the media pushed by the Democrat Party and those who want to paint a simplistic and negative story of policing in America.