LA Takes the First Steps in Addressing its Homeless Crisis

Los Angeles used to be famous for being near Hollywood and being a growing, prosperous American city.

Now it’s famous for row upon row of homeless camps all over its streets and neighboring areas.

Part of the reason is the insanely high price of real estate in the city and its nearby communities. 

However, another reason is that California’s Democrat leadership has driven the state into the ground; this happened via burdensome regulations, high taxes, anti-family policies and creating a dependent underclass of people who have descended into hell…

Instead of bettering their lives, legions of LA residents have become mentally ill drug addicts and government benefit-dependent slaves.

They’ve also set up their tents all over the city, but now that could be changing. 

The Homelessness Issue in California

California, as a whole, has a massive homelessness issue. The pandemic led to a pause on evictions which has partly hidden just how bad the problem is. 

California – and LA in particular – has long been a magnet for the homeless with its warm weather and big government payouts from the Democrats. 

Taking taxpayer money from working state residents and forking it over to those who won’t or can’t work is basically the main Democrat ideology. 

California’s leftist legislators have tried to make things easier for the homeless; this comes even while Democrats made things harder for gun owners, small business owners, conservatives, home schoolers and everyone who doesn’t want to live in their socialist utopia. 

As a result, cities like LA have spiraled into crime havens full of shoplifting, drug use and assault. 

Although, now LA city council is about to crack down. I guess these bourgeois city council buffoons have had enough of an eyeful of the reality of their policies and now they want a do over. 

The city council is about to ban tenting on sidewalks, next to parks or in other areas of the city. 

In other words, morning folks, it’s moving day!

What Does the Bill Do?

The proposed bill is being pitched as a heartfelt initiative to get the homeless off the streets.

The issue is it doesn’t really give them a place to go. 

With more than 40,000 homeless folks in Los Angeles, how exactly is the problem going to disappear just by banning tents so city councilmen don’t have to see unpleasant things on their drive to work in their Escalade?

There aren’t enough shelters for 40,000 people. 

What should happen, in my view, is that these folks should be rehabilitated in hospitals and facilities and set to work. 

That work could be something useful like building road infrastructure or learning a new skill. 

Putting them back out on the streets is just going to spike LA’s already high level of crime and robbery. 

Nevertheless, trust the Democrats to always take the stupidest option.